Yard decorations and their use in garden design

Yard decorations create coziness and make a yard original. These are not big elements, and include adorning the paths, patio, and the entrance to the house. A yard without yard decorations and little trinkets loses its individuality, even if it’s created according to all the rules of landscape design. Little statuettes and sculptures of people, animals, butterflies, and birds sitting in the bushes, - all these yard decorations make a yard special.

Butterflies and birds are useful and beautiful garden and yard decorations

If you place a few butterflies and birds on the bushes along the path to the house, in the evening they may serve as original sources of lighting. Butterflies or birds with light-emitting diode lamps can be purchased. Easy to install, they are water-resistant, and made of plastic. Yard decorations can be charged from the sunlight. These yard decorations have a photo element which automatically switches on at during the night time. They are fixed on a support, with a height of approximately 33 inches (82,5см).

Yard decorations arabesques with vases

Yard decorations

Garden or yard decorations may be chosen in a combination with the design of the adjoining site. The territory may be decorated with an arabesque from square, rectangular or round pavement tiles, and crushed stone. The combination of a brick color with white or beige will look nice. You may set little yard decorations vases with palm trees or metallic flowers on the stone supports. This type of arabesque may be rectangular or oval. It can be avoided by a lawn mower. The trees, planted in the vases and arabesque, are easy to take care of. It’s not advisable to plant the greenery on the lawn, as it will make mowing more difficult.

How do you make such yard decorations?

This is quite easy. They can be created with your hands.

1. First, mark-out a foundation. For this purpose, the configuration of a future arabesque is marked on the lawn’s surface.

2. The upper layer of the grass is removed and the places for planting are marked. This may include a Canadian balsam fir tree of the kinds Nana, Hudsonia. Such fir trees grow very slowly. They grow just 1.0 -2ft (30 60сm) in height and 3ft (90сm) in width. 2-3 fir trees of this kind may blend well with the arabesque that is being constructed.

Yard decorations

3. The holes are arranged for the planting of fir treesand the trees are planted. We have already described how to plant such a fir tree.

4. After the grass is removed, the foundation needs dug deeper. The depth should be at least 5.2 inches(13 сm). The foundation is smoothed out and sand preparation is done, about 4 inches (10сm) in width. It’s firmly inserted and moistened with water. When the foundation is ready, the locations of future pavement tiles are drawn on the sand. A lath is used for this purpose. The width of the filling from crushed stone between the tiles may be 2 inches (5сm) or more, if you desire.

5. The tiles are laid down at the marked places. The width of the pavement tiles must be at least32 mm. It’s advisable to mark out the locations of the tiles so that they don’t require cutting. Round tiles may be laid arbitrarily. It’s not necessary to do this symmetrically, in equal intervals.

6. The gaps between the tiles are filled with white crushed stone or pebbles. The color of the crushed stone depends on the color of the tiles. If you lay dark tiles, it’s better to use light crushed stone or vice versa.Yard decorations

7. Then, the mounting of the arabesque is done. Mounting edging for the lawns is used for that. This may be edging which matches the color of the tiles or the crushed stone.

8. Next, the supports for ornamental vases are mounted. They may be metallic, forged, concrete, or coated with tiles. Ornamental vases of any shape may be purchased as well: oval, flat, or long ones. If you use long vases, supports aren’t required. The color of the vases also matters as they are yard decorations. The best solutions are vases, which match the color of the tiles, or the mounting of an arabesque.

9. Flowers for the vases. Any flowers or ornamental plants can be planted in the vases. The planting of evergreen plants would be a good solution. These may be palm-trees. If the climate isn’t suitable for palm-trees, they may be moved indoors for the winter time. If you choose to plant flowers, tall plants with large flowers are the best option. These may be Echinaceas, Eremuruses, or ornamental onions. They will be bright yard decorations. Metallic flowers may be placed in the vases as well. This is a great solution as they don’t require any care.

Yard decorations look amazing in the front part of the garden.