Annual Plants

Annual FlowersI have always been dreaming about a plant-filled garden with an enormous number of different beautifulflowers, which could bloom continuously from early spring to late autumn, and I am sure, anannual plantis one of such plants. Gardening withannualsis a real pleasure, because these plants display colorful blossom and attractiveness. There is a variety of them, so I can select the one I want. I like, when my dreams come true, that’s why I chooseannualsfor my garden.

What’s So Special About Annual Flowers?

A true annual is a flower, which completes its cycle in a year. It goes from seed to seed, and then it dies. The mission of such flower is to produce the seed and to propagate. That is why when this flower dies I remove the spentflowersbefore the seeds mature and, thus, have more potential seed.

There is one more thing I like about annual plants some of them are called hardy. That means that these species can withstand slight frost and remain alive, they continue to bloom and can set seed into the following year. These areSalvia VictoriaandBachelor Buttons.

Anannual plantcan grow either in a warm or a cool season. Some of the plants fade when it is hot, others won’t grow until the nights are warm.

I Felt The Freedom To Change My Mind

The greatest advantage of everyannual plantis that it can change the color scheme every season. I always try to experiment with hybridizers and new varieties and develop them each time I change the concept. I believe I do not have to make a perfect garden every time I deal with anannual plant, because theseflowerscan bring something unique, so my fantasy can be unique too.
Annualsare very popular today. Besides, they are also rather available. I always order the plants I like through the Internet. That gives me a possibility to obtain those rare species, which cannot be bought in a usual store.

How To Grow Plants From Seeds?

How To Grow Plants From Seeds?My first experience with annual plants began with the containers. I bought lots of colorful ones and decided to sow theannual plantat indoors. I did that in late winter and had the transplants ready after the last frost in spring. I waited until spring and sowed the seeds into the soil.
It is hard to imagine how happy I was! The plants I sowed provided me with the overflowing garden oasis of beauty and color. Take into account that I did not use the services of a professional and created this beauty on my own. The range offlowerscan be changed with the change of the season and your garden can always be fresh and modern. In a matter of a few weeks my garden rejuvenated.

I Like Taking Care After AnAnnual Plant

To tell you the truth, this beauty does not require much time and concern.Annualsneed regular water, because drought can make theseflowersset their seed sooner than it is needed. If you wish to extend the season of blooming, you should prevent the setting for as long as it can be possible.
Annual PlantsAnannual plantneeds regular dead heading, if you don’t do that, the plants go to seed and die. You should feed water soluble fertilizer to them every two weeks.
When you are eager to design your flower bed and have a great garden for a long time, you should plantannuals. Anannual plantis usually perfect for the place where you are not sure what you really want or need. Experiments with anyannual plantwill help you to decide. In the spot, where you wish to have some differences either every year or every month, anannual plantflower bed is the only optimal way to go.

Choose any annual plant you like:

  • For shade;
  • For light;
  • Deer resistant;
  • Herbs.

Choosing anannual plantfor your garden, you choose the beauty and the absence of any additional problems for yourself. I’ve tried this way and I liked it. Now, it’s your turn.