Why are zinnias so popular in the garden

Annual flowers in the garden always bring variety to the design of a well-established garden’s style. The excitement is in the idea of creating a flower bed or edging with an unusual combination of bright annual flowers. Next year, the same flowers may be planted in another place, such as near the house in the inner yard.

Annual flowers of the same species may be planted, as long as you use a variety of colors. This flower bed will have a bright look, while the composition of soil and care for these flowers will be the same. This makes work in the garden easier.

Plant zinnias in your garden. Zinnias can be annual flowers or perennials.

Zinnia elegans (Zinnia violacea) and Zinnia angustifolia are annual flowers. Your flower bed will be more exciting with annuals.

Zinnias graceful are very popular with gardeners. These plants have a prolonged period of blooming. Zinnias are beautiful in flower beds and in the edging. They can be used for cutting and creating bouquets. When they are cut, zinnia flowers do not wither for a long time.

If you live in a hot climate with dry summers, zinnias are flowers that will successfully grow in your garden.

There are tall zinnias, reaching up to 3ft in height, zinnias of middle height, 1 -1.7ft tall, and compact ones, no more than 1ft tall. The flowers may be simple or double.

The colors of zinnia flowers are very diverse. There are yellow, green, pink, red, crimson, purple, dark red, and multi-colored flowers. There are zinnia with small double flowers, which can be used for group planting, creating a one-color background.

According to the way their flowers look, zinnias are classified into a few types

Why are zinnias so popular in the garden?
1. Chrysanthemum-flowered

2. Pompon-flowered

3. Scabious-flowered

4. Gaillardia-flowered

5. Cactaceous

6. Fantasy

Zinnia flowers attract various butterflies. Every flower blooms for over a month. The time from sowing until blooming is 75 days. The seeds of zinnias may be collected for future sowing 65 days after they begin to bloom.

How do you plant zinnias?

Zinnia elegans of the “Carnival”Choose a sunny place for zinnias with a low level of soil water.

Before planting zinnias, it’s recommended to fertilize the soil with an organic fertilizer. Argillaceous soils are mixed with sand. Usually, zinnias are grown in loamy or sandy-loam soils. The acidity of the soils for growing zinnias is neutral.

Zinnias roots poorly tolerate pricking out and re-planting. This is why zinnias are planted with seeds in a permanent place when frosts end. The depth for the planting of seeds is 1/8in. The seeds can be planted into the peat pots. After the seeds sprout, when there are no more light frosts,, they are planted into their permanent place. Zinnias can’t even tolerate short light frosts.

The distance between the plants depends on the species and size of zinnias. Tall zinnias are planted with the distance of 1ft. The distance between short zinnias is 4-6in. The seeds of zinnias sprout when the temperature is 72-75F. If you want the bushes of zinnias to be thicker, pinch the top of the plant, above 3-4 leaf pairs.

Zinnias Giant Cactus Flowers MixedCare for zinnias isn’t difficult at all. It only requires periodical tillage and fertilizing.

Water the zinnias in case of extreme drought.

For continuous blooming, regularly remove the heads of the flowers, when they finish blossoming.

Zinnias are fertilized 2-3 times during the vegetative period. The first fertilizing is implemented long before the blooming, using complex fertilizers. The second fertilizing is done before the budding, using fertilizers for blossoming plants.

In shops and garden centers, you can buy zinnias to suit any taste. Zinnia elegans of the “Carnival” kind looks wonderful. This is a tall bush 2.3ft. Zinnia flowers are very large, reaching up to 6in in diameter. The flowers look amazing. There are bright scarlet sparks on the white petals with center of yellow.

Zinnia flowers called “Envy Double” have an unusual color. These are yellowish green flowers. They bloom all summer and autumn. They are planted with a distance of 12in between the plants. This kind can glow in a slight semi-shadow.

“Zinnias Giant Cactus Flowers Mixed” is a tall bush, up to 3ft with large flowers of Bordeaux, red or orange color. Zinnia belongs to the cactaceous family of flowers. The petals are twisted at the ends. Zinnia flowers are double and also large.

Zinnia Zahara
Zinnia Zahara. Flowers of this Zahara series are immune tofungal diseases. They are short bushes, up to 14in when they bloom, with large double flowers. They look very beautiful in a mass planting. The Zahara Starlight Rose has a tall bush and large semi-double flowers that are white with a scarlet center.

We have told you only about a few kinds, but there are plenty of them. Every year gardeners grow new and unusual types of zinnias.

Zinnias are flowers that never stop surprising with their variety. Even if you grow only zinnias in your garden, they will surely attract attention with their marvel and beauty.