Which peonies should you grow in the garden

Plant peonies in your garden. There are over 5000 kinds of peonies. They are perennial arborescent plants.

Herbaceous peonies start blooming at the end of spring. Depending on the kind, they may be semi-double or double with a pleasant fragrance. When peonies start blossoming, the bush covers itself with plenty of double spheres, up to 10 in (25 cm) in diameter. The colors of the flowers are diverse - from white to dark Boudreaux.

Peonies grow in one place for a few decades and don’t like to change place. Double kinds of peonies bloom longer than non-double. The choice between the two is a matter of taste. Regardless, any kind of peonies will adorn a garden. After they finish blooming, peonies remain picturesque. Peonies are grown in climatic zones 3-8. Some types of peonies, as gardeners claim, may be grown in zones 2 and 9. In warm climate, a stage of quiet is created for peonies for some time. For this purpose, you may dig out the rhizome of peonies and put them in the fridge for 2-3 months. The best scenario is when you grow peonies appropriate to a certain climatic zone. For example, Japanese types of peonies may grow in warm climate.

There are early-blooming and late-blooming kinds of peonies.

Early-blooming peonies: Alba Plena. The bush is 2ft (60 сm) tall with white double flowers 5.6 inches (14 сm) in diameter. They begin to blossom in May. The fragrance is slight, but pleasant.

Rubra Plena:. They are bushes of middle height - 2ft (60 сm). The flowers are semi-spherical, double of dark red color, 5.6 inches (14 сm) in diameter. They possess a soft pleasant fragrance.Alba Plena

Late-blooming American kindsA.E. Kundred. They blossom with double, rose-like white flowers of with a creamy center. The height of the bushes may reach 2 ft 8 inches (80 сm). The size of the flowers are 6.4 inches(16 сm). The aroma is pleasant, but intense. Albert Crousse is the French kind. The height of the bushes reaches up to 2 ft 4 inches (100 сm). The flowers are compact, double, of a rose-like shape, and rise up to 5,6 inches (14 сm).These peonies are pink with light edges and a tender, delicate fragrance.

The American kind Best Man. It blooms with delicate double, dark red flowers up to 7.2 inches (18 сm) in diameter. The bushes are 2 ft 4 inches (100 сm) tall with a slight fragrance.

Many of the peonies mentioned above produce side buds.A.E. Kundred

There are non-double kinds of peonies, which are just as flashy than the double ones. For example, the kind Silver Dawn F3 Mix hybrid with numerous yellow stamens and salmon colored petals. The flower’s diameter is 7.2 inches (18 сm). The bush is up to 2 ft 4 inches (80 сm) tall. The blossoming occurs early. Its fragrance is tender and pleasant.

Peonies are plants that grow from rhizome roots. Every year, tall herbaceous stems with beautifully carved leaves grow out of the rhizome. The buds appear at the ends of stems.

Peonies bloom well in sunny places. In the second half of the day, they grow better in a slight semi-shadow. Best Man

Peonies prefer to grow in drained, fertile loamy soils. The preferred soil acidity for peonies is рН 6-6.5. The root system penetrates the soil at the width and depth of 3 ft (90 сm), which is why before planting peonies you should prepare holes with a sufficient supply of nutrients for the plant’s growth.

Planting of peonies

To plant peonies a hole 2.3*2.3 ft (70*70 сm) deep and wide is dug out beforehand. The upper fertile soil level is used. The hole is filled with a mixture of leaf soil and an organic fertilizer, applied to the depth of 1 ft (30 сm). The upper part of the hole is supplied with a fertile upper layer, where the rhizome with buds is placed.

Silver Dawn F3 Mix

The location of the rhizome must be arranged so that the buds of growth are 1 2 inches (2.5-5 сm) deeper than the soil level of heavy loamy soils and 2 -2.8 inches (5-7 сm) if the planting is made in light sandy-loam soils. This is an important factor which influences the future blossoming of the bush. Filling up with the soil is done in layers with soil compaction and watering to the required level. If the climate in your region include constant rain, drainage from crushed stone and brick is made in the holes in order to prevent the decay of the roots.

When are peonies planted outside?

By the end of summer, the bushes of peonies finish the formation of their renewal buds. The beginning of the fall is the best time for planting peonies. The planting of peonies is possible in early spring too, but the bushes do not strike the root as well as they do in fall.

Care for peonies

Caring for peonies consists of periodic watering and soil tillage. If enough fertilizer is put while planting, the plant doesn’t need to be fertilized for the 1sttwo years. Out-of-the-root additional fertilizing (spraying with complex fertilizers) may be applied. It penetrates the plant through the leaves. If peonies have produced buds during the 1styear, they are removed to improve the development of the roots.

An adult plant is fertilized at least 3 times during the season with complex fertilizers.

If you want to succeed with large flowers, it’s better to leave 1 bud of 1 stem (of the kind produces side buds). Flowers, which have already finished blossoming, should be removed.

Peonies are resistant to diseases. With the proper care, they shouldn’t get sick.