Ultimate Outdoor Kitchens and 9 Add-ons

Outdoor kitchens have been creating a lot of hype in the recent ten years and become ‘The Thing’ people want in their homes.

BBQ Grill

First and foremost, a barbecue grill is put in the center of the world for all outdoor kitchens. There is no single answer of how an outdoor grill should look like: it can be a basic one to keep it cheap, or a high-end variant: highly customized with a stove and a gas kit. Here is a shortlist of the most popular options for outdoor cooking places:

  • Barbeque
  • An outdoor fireplace
  • An outdoor oven, which is usually made of brick

However, it’s not enough to put a grill and a few chairs in your backyard anymore. You need to equip your kitchen to make it a really unique place which your family can enjoy. Also for the ultimate outdoor experience you surely need to have lots of extras.

Basic Extras for Outdoor Kitchens

Look at the list of some of the most practical ideas for items people found useful to have in their outdoor kitchens. You will surely want to add some of the similar accessories into yours as well.

  • Shelter or Roof.Having a shelter over the kitchen is very useful. It will protect you from bad weather when needed. This will be especially useful when the storm catches you by surprise.
  • Correct Flooring.It is recommended to avoid slick materials for flooring in outdoor kitchens. This is especially true, if your kitchen is roof-less which is oftenthe case.
  • Weatherproof Gear.Dining furniture which is put in the patio must be designed to resist the worst weather conditions. For instance, benches must be equipped with strapped down cushions to stop them from being blown away in windy conditions.

  • Storage Spaces.
    Similar to an indoor version, outdoor kitchens require storage spaces. The obvious choice is to hide them in the base of your grill no matter what kind of cooking place you have. Stuff like charcoal is usuallyOutdoor Kitchensstored there: it’s not the best-looking thing to have it in your eye-sight while eating.
  • Socket Outlets.In today’s life it’s nearly impossible to imagine any place in your home that doesn’t have exterior outlets installed. Outdoor kitchens are not an exception. Buy outlets that are equipped with plastic waterproof covers similar to those often installed in a bathroom.
  • Outdoor Sink.Just like with socket outlets, having a sink in your patio kitchen can make your life a lot easier. It can be used for food preparation or for dishwashing, either way it is a very convenient item to have in your backyard. People, who plan to host parties in their patio, will find an outdoor sink invaluable.

High-End Stuff

These are some of the most useful basic extra essentials of many outdoor kitchens. You also have an option to equip your patio with some exclusive hi-end items as well. Some top-class things are:

  • Ventilation Hood.It acts as smoke and vapor exhauster to clean the air from unwanted elements. Ventilation hood is possible to be installed only in outdoor kitchens that already have a roof over them.
  • Wood-Burning Oven.Brick ovens can be very expensive but are normally very much worth your money. With an oven in your patio you’re not only limited to burgers and ribs anymore, you can cook an authentic homemade pizza too.

  • Outdoor KitchensPergola.With a pergola there is no need to worry about sunshine or rain anymore (with some exceptions of course). Things that are placed in pergolas are not limited to cooking spaces. Often they have a fireplace with a large sitting area at it and a dining counter.

You can make a nice outdoor kitchen in your backyard with any budget. Go with a simple grill or create a complete outdoor living place with pergola and a pool by its side. With any choice, an outdoor kitchen will become your family’s favorite place in summer and other seasons.