Trees for Landscaping

Trees for landscaping are one of the main components of a landscape design. Deciduous, coniferous, evergreen trees for landscaping are like a palette of colors that can be spread on the garden.

Trees for landscaping can be planted to make your garden look larger and improve the way your yard looks. Usually one tree of the most spectacular ornamental trees is planted, in order to enhance the beauty of the tree against the background of shrubs and lawns.

What kind trees can be planted?

There are trees withlight, lacy foliage. They adorn sunny lawns.
These trees may beJapanese maples, bald cypress (Taxodium disticum), yellow birch (Betula alleghaniensis), Judas Tree (Cercis siliquastrum), Japanese dogwood (Cornus officinalis), magnolia (liliiflora Susan). The crown of these trees is permeated with the sun. Bright colors of the foliage are in contrast with the green lawn.

A very interesting decision fordecoration of a pond will be willows.Madsudana willows with orange spiral branches are beautiful. Some of its undemanding species have taken root in the south-west.

Often trees that create a thick shadow are used for landscaping.Amur maplesgive a good shadow. They are very big and are preferred for a large garden. A variety of softwood can be used for planting large, small and dwarf types with a dense structure of the crown. In addition,coniferous treescan be selected in accordance to the climatic conditions in your garden.

Conifers increase the depth of the space of the garden.Such trees can cover fences and create a resemblance with a dark thick forest. They constrain street noise and dust of the roads.

Conifers are the adornment of the garden all year round.Deodarwith a silver pyramidal crown,Weymouth pine (Pinus strobes)with asymmetrical crown and bunk branches will look beautiful on a large area of the garden.

Use dwarf conifer trees.

There are small ordwarf specimens of conifer trees, which can decorate a small garden.
Mountain pine (Pinus mudo), dwarf varieties ofChamaecyparis nut (Chamaecyparis pisifera), many types of pyramidarborvitae, false cypress Lawson, dwarf spruce (Dwarf Sitka Spruce)- all these are evergreen ornamental trees that grow up to 10 feet in height, and can tolerate being trimmed.

You can create a cozy sitting area in the garden that is invisible for a stranger's view. Fencing could be ofdwarf arborvitae. These plants have a bright green color all year round. They can be trim in any form. If you have a garden in the classical style, then you can create different figures out of arborvitaes. Depending on your climate zone, you can choose the most suitable variety of arborvitae for you. Trees for landscaping design can be used for separation of space of the garden, and for creation of walkways.

Evergreen broad-leaved trees for landscaping

Evergreen broad-leaved trees

Broadleaved evergreens have great potential as landscaping plants because they attractive in all seasons. Broadleaved evergreens may be large and small in size, have heavy glossy foliage or becompact and variegated. Who does not know the spiky, prickly leaves of holly?

American hollylooks sophisticated at all times of the year. In the fall, depending on the type of Hollies adorns fruit. Multi-colored drupes ripen in fall and hang on the branches all winter.The range of distribution of the holly is very wide. It can grow in tropical and in temperate zones.

If your garden is in the warm zone, then pay attention toevergreen rhododendrons.There are shrub like and tree like forms of these plants. Beautiful blooming rhododendrons are planted in a group to emphasize the individuality of your garden.

Pyramid-shapedsouthern magnolia. This is one of evergreen ornamental trees. Its glossy leaves range from brown to dark green, and large white flowers exude sweet fragrance. The name itself says that it is common in the southern tropical regions of the country. It looks beautiful even alone on the bright lawn.

Fruit treesfor landscaping look beautiful in a group.

Abundant blossoming ofapples, apricots, and cherriesin spring turns into summer beauty of the orchard. Pyramidal pear will match with spreading apple trees. Weeping dwarf cherry will decorate arbors and ponds.

Ornamental flowering treesfor landscaping are good to plant in groups.

Ornamental flowering trees

Typically, these are compact trees with delicate crowns. A variety of flowering ornamentalcornelsallow you to create interesting color composition.

The white, pink, and bright purple trees in spring, change their look to variegated leaves in summer. In fall trees are tinged in bright autumn colors. Lilac flowering trees are attractive for any garden.

They come in a diverse palette of colors. You can find a tree with white, pink, lilac, and claret red flowers. A variety of ornamental trees for landscaping will beautify your garden and visually enlarge its scope.