Top 5 Lawn Problems Their Prevention and Care

Any lawn is susceptible to any problems. These are mainly diseases that are caused by fungi, which are usually present in the soil. Grass suffers from soil pH, excess nutrient levels, climate conditions and air movement.

Gardeners face various types of lawn problems. We are going to find out what ways can help to maintain lawns healthy and avoid lawn problems.

Weeds and Turf

A weed is a usual lawn problem, which is difficult to fight. Weeds grow in any type of turf and are more prevalent in unhealthy grass. The optimal prevention of weeds is right and healthy lawn maintenance and proper lawn care. If you keep your grass in optimal condition by good practices, you have a chance to avoid weed problems.

Problemsof a lawn

As there are various types of weeds, one is to be sure that they are correctly identified. When you have identified a weed, you should come up with the best way of its control. Hand weeding is usually the best policy. It is ideal for weeds like dandelions, daisies, buttercups, plantain, etc.

Worms On Lawns

Worms are very big lawn problem especially during winter and autumn periods, because the soil is wet. Though worms have been recognized as very beneficial to the soil, they still break its organic layer. There are various chemicals that can be used to control worms, but the most popular one is Carbedazim. The product is active and has many worm control properties. It is used in fine turf industry on golf courts and sport fields, but it can be purchased for home use as well.

Moss On Lawns

Moss is a frustrating lawn care problem, because it can invade any type of lawn. This lawn problem is common to neglected areas, where grass becomes weak and thin. Mosses do not have root structure and are flowerless. They rely on moisture, reproduce and spread.

Moss is a great lawn problem, especially in spring, as grass doesn’t grow during the first spring month. That allows moss to take the opportunity and invade your lawn. Proper lawn care can prevent such lawn problems in future. The primary causes of the problem are:

Moss On Lawns

  • Lack of nutrients and fertility;
  • Shaded areas;
  • Poor drainage;
  • Acid soil;
  • Drought;
  • Close mowing;
  • Compacted soils.

To maintain proper lawn care you should improve irrigation, as this won’t keep the surface dry. Aeration will reduce compaction, besides it’ll keep soil in proper condition. Shade reduction prevents moss and right fertilizer program promotes thick sward that gives no chance to moss. These basic rules will help you to prevent any possible lawn problems.

Moles In Soil

moleThere are nothing worse than mole hills on your lawn, when heaps of soil are pushed to the surface. In this case prevention and proper lawn care are much better than cure. You can use balls, burning paper, disinfectant, cooking oil, etc. Any of these methods are likely to remove or kill them completely.

Many people choose trapping, as this is a very effective way. In this case one should find a run to place a trap in. When the runs are raised, they are found easily.

Thatch Problems

Thatch ProblemsThatch is an organic material which has accumulated between the root zone and the surface. It consists of clippings, stems, decaying leaves, roots and shoots. A small layer can be significant for any lawn, as it creates hard surface, but when its size accumulates to 3 cm, then this becomes a huge lawn problem.

To prevent thatch lawn problems, one should fertilize a lawn with nitrogen. You also should not overwater your lawn, when it is drought, because too much water is detrimental to the lawn condition. Regular brushing, scarifying and raking prevent lateral growth. Besides, that helps to slow down thatch build up, thus preventing any lawn problems.

When you wish to have a healthy lawn, you should not only cure, but mostly prevent possible lawn problems.