Three Best Deciduous Maple Trees

Three Best Deciduous Maple Trees

Your garden will look very elegant if you plant ornamental deciduous trees. You can plan some land for fruit trees, organize the area for ornamental trees and bushes, or you may create blossoming flowerbeds.

You will be pleased every day if you plant the vegetation that is more variable in your garden. Besides, it is a pleasure to rest in such a garden. Let us select deciduous trees for your garden. There may be a group of ornamental trees or just a single tree. The choice of ornamental trees for planting should be based on the functions they are going to perform.

If you want to decorate your lawn, deciduous trees are supposed to be original and highly ornamental. Besides, they should be in harmony with the lawn color and location. If you have made up your mind to plant these trees in your inner yard to create a delicate shadow, there are different requirements. Perhaps you will need to plant a tree in the northern part, where it will stay in the shadow for the major part of the day. In this case, you need to choose a tree for shade.

Maple tree Crimson Sentry

To decorate a small lawn you can opt for a sharp-leaved maple tree Acer platanoides Crimson Sentry. Its original foliage color will be in a good contrast with the green lawn. The spring bright crimson leaves will gradually turn into dark purple ones by summer. A slim and short tree reaches 25-27 feet (8 m) with the crown width of 12-13 feet (4 m). A single tree will look very spectacular in a sunny lawn area. This ornamental tree may grow in semi-shadow as well, but in this case, its bright leaves will be green.

Maple tree Crimson Sentry

When the maple tree blossoms, its twigs become covered with hardly visible tiny yellow-green fragrant flowers. The maple tree is preferably planted into the fertile soil but it can put up with other soil kinds. The maple tree can even grow in the clayed ground. A maple tree may be planted as any other tree, on condition that the soil is well drained. It requires moderate watering. Maple tree Crimson Sentry is spread across the vast country territory. The maple tree is frost-resistant. You need to add a complex fertilizer to the near-trunk holes annually. The tree requires sanitary pruning only after the leaves appear. The maple tree always keeps a vertical trunk and a symmetric crown.

Selecting a tree for the inner yard. This tree should be a small to middium size.

Tree should create a slight shadow and at the same time bring joy with its attractive look. Any tree, even a small one should be. at least 17-20 feet (5-6 m) away from the house. With time, the tree will grow, its crown will create shadows and its root system will dry up the soil around the building.

Maple treeSango-kaku

Maple tree Sango-kaku

A maple tree called Acerpalmatum Sango-kaku will match all above features. Sango-kaku is usually a small ornamental tree 20-25 feet tall (6-8 m). The maple tree Sango-kaku is attractive in spring with its sprouts of apricot color, which turn into dark green in summer. In the fall, the maple tree is beautiful too. The foliage turns into the autumn gold. In addition, in winter the maple tree stands out for its reddish bark. It can grow in both the sun and semi-shadow. If it grows in semi-shadow, its leaves become darker. It is planted into well-drained soil in spring. Just like all maple trees, this one is unpretentious. It can adjust to both acidic and neutral soils. The maple tree grows well in loamy and rather light soils. It can be grown in the climatic zones 6-8. The ornamental maple tree is a drought-resistant plant.

Maple treeJapanese Maple

Not every tree can grow in the shadow. For shadowy places, we offer to plant a tree for shade - maple tree palmatum Japanese maple. This is also a maple tree. This is a Japanese maple tree 17-20 feet (5-6 m) tall with tender delicate green leaves that grows well in shadowy places. The crown is somewhat branchy, horizontal.

Maple tree Japanese Maple

It can grow as a big bush with a few trunks. In its early age, the tree has a spherical shape. It grows well in light and slightly acidic or neutral drained soils with moderate fertility. Moderate watering is necessary. It requires only the sanitary prutining. Sometimes to get a showy crown, pruning for thinning out is done to achieve fanciful shapes. Acer palmatum Japanese maple does not tolerate strong hot winds. That is why when planting a tree, take into account this peculiarity. It grows slowly. It grows in zones 6-9.

If you like maple trees, you can arrange a part of your garden in this style, planting maple trees of various colors and sizes. In general, a maple tree is an unpretentious ornamental tree that is affected by diseases and pest invasion rarely. With some care, they will always be ornamental and showy, regardless of season.