Spectacular tropical trees in the garden Phoenix roebelenii

If the climate allows for it, you may plant tropical trees in the garden. Tropical trees are not frost-resistant. If your climate is far from being tropical, don’t lose hope. You can still plant and grow trees in tubs. The main consideration for growing tropical trees is a creation of favorable conditions for their life and growth.

Date palm trees are the evergreen trees of the Near East. A date palm grows up to 28ft tall. Beautiful fan-shaped leaves, clusters of creamy or yellow flowers, and purple fruits decorate these tropical trees. This allows for date palm trees to be used in landscape design. These tropical trees are especially beautiful when planted individually.

For smaller gardens, it’s better to use the kinds of date palm trees which have a compact look. These palm trees aren’t tall. They may be even used for planting in pots or containers.

Phoenixroebelenii. Examples of such tropical trees arePhoenixroebeleniiand Canary date. The height of the palm tree in natural conditions doesn’t exceed 3 m. This is a slow-growing palm-tree with feather-like leaves. At the age of 4, the palm tree grows up to 20 inches.Phoenix roebeleniitolerates some drought, but grows well in damp soils.

This is one of those tropical trees that prefers sunny places, but it may still grow in slight shadow. Phoenixroebeleniidoesn’t tolerate frosts. Its leaves get damaged when the temperature drops to a temperature of 30F(- 1,11ะก). That’s why such tropical trees may be planted in the open soil in the gardens of zones 9-11 of USDA. If you don’t have this option, they can be grown in containers.

Planting palm trees with closed rootspalm trees

The roots of many kinds of tropical trees are very sensitive to re-planting. That’s why it’s better to plant tropical trees with closed roots, which are purchased from a nursery.

Before planting a palm tree, you need to dig out a hole that is 2 times bigger than a lump of soil in the palm tree’s pot. You may plant 2-3 tropical trees next to each other, which looks very exotic. The soil must be moderately fertile. Tropical trees like moisture. They require drained neutral or slightly acid soil. These tropical trees prefer light loamy soils. The best soil composition is a mixture of leaf and turf soils with compost and sand (1:2:1:1).

Palm trees from seeds

Phoenix roebelenii

You may growphoenix roebeleniifrom seeds. For this purpose, the best option would be to plant a palm tree in a small pot with the soil composition, mentioned above. The seeds are peeled from the pulp and rinsed under running water, then left to dry in the shadow for 24 hours. To improve the germinating ability, you may soak palm tree seeds in a growth stimulator. If the seeds for planting are dry, they may be soaked in warm water for 2 days. Change the water periodically. Then plant the seeds at a depth of 2,5 cm in a horizontal position in the prepared pot. Put wet sawdust or moss on top. Water so that the soil is damp, not soggy. The germination of the seeds depends on the location of their ripening, with a sprout appearing in 60-90 days.

Care for tropical trees

Care for tropical trees

After the first leaf has grown for 4 inches, the sawdust is carefully removed, without damaging the young plant. Add some more soil at a height of 1 cm. As the palm tree grows, it may be replanted into a bigger pot by the method of transfer reloading. 2-year old saplings can be planted into their permanent place.Phoenixroebeleniiloves moisture but doesn’t like the stagnation of water in the roots. Young tropical trees are usually subject to the influence of low temperatures. That’s why, if you have made up your mind to plant a palm tree in zone 9 USDA, you need to cover young tropical trees to prepare for winter.

Leaf shrinkage is a natural phenomenon. Dried twigs need to be trimmed because they impair the aesthetic of the tree.

You may apply the design of cutting the dead leaves off partially. If you don’t remove dried leaves, the palm tree becomes unattractive. In addition, various diseases of the plant develop.

The palm tree is fertilized 3 times per year by a decomposed organic fertilizer.

Such tropical trees may decorate a lawn, a house porch, or even the front of the garden. Good luck to you in growing tropical trees!