Spectacular buddleia butterfly bush the best perennial in your garden

The springtime is busiest time for every gardener. The variety of plants, offered by stores and nurseries, confuses even experienced gardeners. The desire to have the most amazing and unusual flowers in their garden makes them choose the most beautiful, suitable for individual design and at the same time unpretentious in care plants. Sometimes the beauty of the flower is so irresistible that a gardener puts up with difficulties in its growing. A perennial is mostly acceptable for growing in a garden with an already composed design. Every year only 1 or 2 bushes can be added to refresh the landscape or to fill in the vacant places in the garden. Choose a perennial depending on the size of the empty place. A plant can be compact when you plant it. When it matures, it will change in size.

Amazing buddleia butterfly bush

Pay attention to the perennial buddleia butterfly bush. Butterfly bush looks great in the background of a lawnor group planting. You may plant 3-4 buddleias of different sizes with other blooming bushes, contrasting in color. Buddleia butterfly bush gets along well with garden roses. A tall buddleia may be planted with spreading plants. In this case, it will dominate in the garden’s landscape. It can be grown in containers. Pruning and forming of the Buddleia bush is simple. If its branches died off during winter, new branches grow from the root. A blooming buddleia is a good melliferous plant. Butterflies pollinate buddleia’s flowers. You will see fluttering butterflies around blooming buddleia bush often.

There are different species of buddleia butterfly bush. There are tall bushes and there are kinds of a small compact buddleia. You can come across white, blue, lilac buddleias.

Buddleia Alba

Buddleia AlbaBuddleia Alba of the species White Chinese Butterfly Bush is a bush with green leaves 6,6ft. and 9,8ft. tall. Buddleia Alba of the species White Chinese Butterfly Bush has Chinese origin. This bush grows slowly. Young branches and leaves are covered with white fluff. The plant blooms with white large inflorescences 8-10 inches with small flowers from July until October frosts and has honey fragrance.

Buddleia Royal Red Butterfly

Buddleia Royal Red Butterfly

Buddleia Royal Red Butterfly bush is a luxurious green bush 60 inches х 60 inches. Flowers are panicles of bright purple and red color, reaching 14 inches. While blooming, the plant exhales pleasant fragrance. It starts blooming in the middle of summer and continues up to the deep fall. Buddleia loves full sun. It can put up with shadow, but blossoms poorly in this case. It can be grown in the zones 5 9.

Buddleia Blue Chip Butterfly

Buddleia Blue Chip Butterfly Buddleia Blue Chip Butterfly bush is a small green bush with blue flowers. The flowers are fragrant, gathered into panicles. Its size is 24inches. On fertile soils it can grow up to 3 ft. Buddleia Blue Chip starts blooming in the middle of summer and finishes in the late fall. Zones of growing: 5 9.

Buddleia Evil Ways Butterfly

Buddleia Evil Ways Butterfly Buddleia Evil Ways Butterfly bush differs from other kinds by its foliage color. It is a bright yellow and green bush with purple clusters of fragrant flowers. The size is 48 inches х 60 inches. It grows and blooms well in the sun. It starts blooming in the middle of summer and finishes in late fall. Thanks to the foliage color, this buddleia stands out even when it does not blossom.

Planting and care

All buddleia species are grown in sunny areas, protected from strong cold winds. They are planted in spring into well-drained neutral soils. Buddleia cannot stand over-watered soils but can handle the polluted air. The distance between buddleia bushes should be at least 7ft. When planting, buddleia’s root neck should be of the earth level. The holes are usually dug 20 inches deep and 2 ft. in diameter. After planting, water moderately. As the soil dries up, some more watering is added, weeds are removed.

If you are going to fertilize buddleia 2 times per year with additional mineral fertilizing, flowers will be larger and the coloring brighter. The first additional fertilizing with nitrogen compound is added in spring. It will help to develop a strong and hardy bush. The second feeding is implemented in the middle of summer with phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. The rest of the time, the plant is not fertilized.

Buddleia butterfly bush is quite drought-resistant. During dry periods, the plant needs water periodically. In order to prevent the soil around the perennial from warming it should be mulched.

Buddleia is pruned in early spring. The sprouts are shortened to 1ft. If you want to leave the bush tall, prune the sprouts to 3ft. Flowers on buddleia appear on the sprouts in the current year. Annual pruning stimulates sprouts growth and abundant blooming. Thanks to regular pruning, the perennial lives longer.Plant a buddleia for a great display of blooms and more.