Pergola, twined round with honeysuckle vine a beautiful design in the garden

Climbing plants are beneficial to plant in the garden. If you want to decorate an arch or a pergola, climbing plants like honeysuckle vines, roses, and ivy are perfect for the job.

A pergola, twined round with fragrant honeysuckle vine, will set a romantic mood.

If you like a fragrant garden, planthoneysuckle vine in the garden. It looks great even as a hedge and can be put on any support that is suitable for you.

There are about 180 species of honeysuckle vine in nature. This is a curly and quite tough perennial plant. Many species have pleasant and intensive fragrances. Honeysuckle vine blossoms with white, pinky, cardinal and yellow flowers. The leaves of honeysuckle vine are simple and oval. The flowers start blooming in June. Honeysuckle vine finishes blossoming in August. Fruit come to substitute f the flowers. Some species of honeysuckle vine are invasive and aren’t recommended for growing. They are very aggressive.

Lonicera Americana is popular in the east of the country.

Lonicera caprifolium

It’s better to plant Lonicera Americana with tube flowers. Lonicera Americana blooms with red and purple flowers from the beginning of May until mid autumn. It is fragrant, and it grows up to 20 ft high. It’s good to grow Lonicera Americana in zone 3. It can tolerate frosts as low as 5F. Lonicera Americana prefers moderate sun and a slight shadow. Lonicera Americana grows well and fast in any moderately fertile soils. It can be grown in sandy-loam and loamy soils with an acidity of рН 4.5 - 8.

Hybrid honeysuckle vine of domestic kinds “Alabama Crimson”, blooming with red tube flowers, isn’t less attractive. The honeysuckle vine blooms from the beginning of May until the beginning of autumn. The support is required. The liana grows up to 20 ft. The "Alabama Crimson" kind may be grown in zones 4-9. Another, appealing kind Magnifica has flowers which are light orange on the outside and the inside of the petals is yellow. The curly honeysuckle vine of this kind is evergreen. It grows well in the sun, but can also grow in a semi-shadow. Pruning from time to time may be implemented to shape the liana.

Moderate watering is required. It can tolerate short drought.

Blanche Sandman

The "Blanche Sandman" kind has scarlet colored outer petals while the inner side of the petals is orange. "Blanche Sandman" can be planted in zones 4-9 of the USA. In zones 8 and 9, it doesn’t shed leaves during the winter period. Its growing conditions are the same as those of the other kind of honeysuckle vines. After blooming, the honeysuckle vine may be pruned if necessary to reduce its size.

You may experiment in the garden, applying the vertical planting of greenery with various constructions for climbing plants.

An exotic tree that will bloom with different flowers can be created out of climbing plants. A versatile configuration can be given to it. You may arrange a pyramid-like tree or a tree of a spherical shape. Everything depends on the support you fix the climbing plants to.

Liana is irreplaceable in a pergola or a bench setting. An exciting decision would be to create an oval support for a garden bench. Dense greenery creates seclusion and coolness. If a tree has dried up in the garden, it can be used as a support for climbing plants.

The creation of a support plays an important role. For every species of climbing plants, you need a support that will hold the cascade of leaves and flowers. The structure of the support should suit the chosen curly plant. If you’ve made up your mind to plant wisteria or grapes, the size of these plants is quite big, which is why a pergola would be an appropriate support for them. It is quite steady and can hold such powerful lianas such as a wisteria. It’s better to make a pergola from the wood. Ivy or grapes go great with a brick wall. To create three-dimensional figures, netting on the metallic support may be used. Everything depends on what you want to create in your garden. For clematis, ipomoea, or honeysuckle vine, a simple construction made from cannelured mesh, rolled up, will do fine. It can be rolled into a cylinder or cone. A cascade of arches from metallic angle bars or rods along the path that leads towards the entrance of the home can be made. These arches need to be made and then, when they are finished, set in the place you desire. The best climbing plants would be climbing roses. This will become a garden in the “modern” style.

you arrange a pavilion or pergola

If you want to use a single support, take 3 metallic rods, 5-6 ft long. Drawa triangle as big as you want for your support to be on the ground. Stick the rods into the ground so that every rod is at acorner of the triangle. The top ends are joined with a metallic clamp. To make it easier for the climbing plants to cope with the support, cover it with plastic netting.

Your garden will become original and cozy if you arrange a pavilion or pergola, put a few supports or arches for climbing plants, and introduce fragrant plants, such as the honeysuckle vine.