Female mealybugs are probably the ones you notice in your greenhouse : Males are very tiny insects that are r a rely seen.

Last Seen in the Vicinity of . . .

The warmer, southern areas of North America and in greenhouses in the North.



Both adult mealybugs and nymphs suck plant juices from all parts of plants, particularly new growth. As a result, leaves wither and turn yellow, and fruit drops prematurely. These pests excrete honeydew on leaves as they feed, and this supports the growth of sooty molds. Mealybugs feed on citrus and other fruit trees, as well as avocados, grapes, and potatoes. They are major pests of flowers, flowering trees, ornamentals, and tropical foliage plants, including arums, oleanders, and poinsettias.


Adult female mealybugs have soft, oval, pinkish bodies, 1⁄10 inch long, covered with white, powdery or waxy fluff. The males are two-winged insects that are so tiny they are rarely seen. Nymphs are similar to females in appearance, but much smaller.

Crime Prevention

` Attract native parasitic wasps, which often keep populations in check outdoors. Sentence

` Rinse plants with a strong stream of water to dislodge mealybugs. ` Spray with insecticidal soap. ` Spray summer oil on plants that tolerate oil sprays.