Lawn decoration with ornamental and frut trees

You have created a lawn in your garden.Itlooks appealing andattractive.However,something is missing and you see an empty spots in your garden. You can decorateit with ornamental treesorbushesthatwould emphasize itsgroomed façade, andstand outfor its uniqueness.In addition,ornamental treesorbushes have practical purpose.

Decorate thelawn withornamental treesorbushes.

Chooseornamental treeswith contrastingleafage colors for decorating purpose.They willstand out against the lawn background and emphasizeitsbrightgreen color.The size ofornamentaltreesand bushesdepends on the sizeof thelawn. You can choose ornamental treesandbushesby the unique leafageandby beautiful blooms.


A popular garden and lawn decoration ismagnolia soulangeana. This is a smallornamental treeor bush.It starts to bloombeforeleafing.Flowersare white;petals are purple and very large. You can enjoy an amazingdisplay when magnolia soulangeana blossoms.Magnolia can beplantedin zones 4- 9.Plant soulangeana Grace McDade magnolia genus and you will adore it, becausethe abundance ofbloomsand verylarge flower size will become atrue decoration of yourlawn.In addition, magnolia soulangeana is wind resistant, growson neutraland slightacidic soils, and likes the sun.


Ornamental dogwood is pleasant to the sight duringthe springblooming. Dogwood’s genusCornus florida or genus of Japanese dogwood Cornus kousawill be appropriate forlawn decoration.In late spring, theystart to bloom,in autumn leafageturnspurpleandred berrieswill enliven thewinterlandscape. Dogwoodcangrowin climate zones5 through 9. Basicallydogwoodgrows on slightlyacidic soils, sometimesit can endurea short-termdrought.It blooms wellon a sunny spot.Dogwood tree isof medium height.The height ofa growntree is 20ft to 27ft.However,it growsinwidth as well, reaching18 ftin a crown diameter.

Ornamental Japanese maple

Ornamental Japanese mapleIt is beautiful during the fall,charming byitsredleaves,and still attractive the entire season,because of itsextremelydecorativelycarved leaves.Plant agenus ofornamental Japanese maple"Bloodgood" in your garden.This treewith spreading crown grows up to20ft high.Leaves arered-purplein summer andcrimsonin autumn.It can growin zones 5 to8. These treeslove the sun buttoleratebeing in half shade.

Othergenus ofornamental Japanese maple:

Lace leaf Maplehaslacyleaves anddroopingbranches of weepingtypeup to 10ftin height,that can growin zones 6-9.It prefers acidicsoilto alkaline,Ph4 to 7½, prefersloamy soil.

Red Filigree Lacehas delicatefinelydissected leavesof red-violet color.It is also calledredlace.It grows inclimate zones 6 to9.It likes sun,tolerateshalf shade.It growsup to 6ft high, onacidic soilsPh5.1 to 6.5.

Fruit Trees

Fruit TreesFruit trees bloom beautifully in spring and their fruits ripen in summer.In addition, you will get delicious and organic fruits.Let review an apple tree as an example.You can choose dwarf genus if you have limited space.They start to bring fruits quickly, usually in 3 years.It is better to choose apple tree genus that grows in your climate.In areas with cool climates, apple tree will be the right solution for the lawn decoration.

Plant Honeycrisp" genus apple tree. The height of the grown tree reaches 20ft. Delicious, sweet, crispy, yellow-red color apples of this genus will satisfy any taste. Tree with such fruits will look pretty against the lawn background. Apple trees bloom white and pink colors in the spring and you gather harvest in September. An apple tree bares fruits well on the sunny spot. It grows in zone 3.

For good pollination, it is better to plant 2 to 3 trees of different genus. For example, "Cortland" genus is a good pollinator for “Honeycrisp”.This apple tree is 10ft to 17ft high with dark-red sweet tasting and scented apples.A group of apple trees will look against the lawn background as impressive as ornamental Japanese maple with carved leaves.

You may think that it is harder to tend to fruit trees than to decorative.However, all the trees look good and please the eye with their loveliness, if they get good care.Fruit and ornamental trees must be trimmed once a year, the soil should be fertilized. Be on guard against trees’ pests and diseases.So because of your labor apple trees will not only make your lawn beautiful but will also bring you a good harvest.