Knockout Roses in Garden Design

If you see knockout roses, they will capture your imagination by the abundance of their colors. Knockout roses have a number of advantages. They are very popular in landscape design, since you can plant them along the garden path. Also, they can successfully decorate a bed or fence. They belong to modern garden roses of the ‘shrub’ group.

‘Shrubs’ are rose varieties that are different from other garden groups not only in their external variety, but by a wide spectrum of characteristics such as bloom, scent, bush size, as well as low maintenance, hardiness, and disease resistance. In case you didn’t know, knockout roses were bred by William J. Radler in 1995.

Why Are Knockout Roses So Popular?

If you place knockout roses in the garden, their beauty will become apparent even with minimal care. But, it is not only the appearance of knockout roses group planting that attracts many gardeners.

Benefits of Knockout Roses

1. They heavily and continuously bloom throughout all seasons, all year-round, and in warmer climates.

2. The flowers are bright, semi-double or double, 2.4 2.8 inches (6-7 cm) in diameter. Nearly 1-5 flowers bloom on 1 stalk. These flowers have a pleasant fragrance.

3. Frost tolerance is a key advantage of knockout roses. In the winter, they can withstand frosts from -20.1 F to - 25.1 F (- 28.9 C to -31.7 C). Actually, they are grown in 4b-9b zones.

4. Knockout roses grow and heavily bloom in full sun and light shade.

5. Knockout roses are moderately drought-tolerant.

6. They differ from the rest of plants in their resistance to diseases and pests.

7. Knockout roses do not need to be cleaned from faded flower buds, since they are self-cleaning.

8. Knockout roses retain their healthy dark green foliage all summer long.

Knockout roses come in different varieties.

1. The Knock Out ® Roses are wonderful and extremely tolerant rose bushes with semi-double flowers, blooming heavily all summer and filling the garden with a pleasant aroma of tea roses. They can be grown in USDA zones 4-9.

The Knock Out® Rose

2. The Double Knock Out ® Roses are bright red, double flowers with a pleasant scent, which bloom throughout the summer.

The Double Knock Out® Rose

3. The Pink Knock Out ® Roses are compact bushes, which heavily bloom in non-double bright pink flowers all summer until frosts come.

The Pink Knock Out® Rose

4. The Double Pink Knock Out ® Roses have double flowers with up to 20 petals. Scrubs of Double Pink Knock Out ® Roses are 3-ft (90-120 cm) high. They look picturesque all season, as they are covered with beautiful pink flowers. They can be grown in USDA zones 4-10.

The Double Pink Knock Out® Rose

5. The Blushing Knock Out ® Roses heavily bloom in pink, non double flowers.

The Blushing Knock Out® Rose

6. The Sunny Knock Out ® Roses are the shrubs with scented flowers. The bright yellow flowers smoothly turn into cream ones. The yellow color is preserved in case of a cool summer. They can be grown in USDA zones 5-11.

The Sunny Knock Out® Rose

7. The Rainbow Knock Out ® Roses give off an impression of a rainbow with pink, apricot, and yellow-pink shades. There is 1 flower on the stalk, which has a delicate scent and yellow stamens. These are compact bushes. Group planting creates a beautiful rainbow carpet of richly flowering plants.

The Rainbow Knock Out® Rose

Tips on Growing Knockout Roses

Садовые розы

In order to develop good knockout roses, which can bloom heavily every summer, it is best to plant them in the drained loamy soil. The planting should be done as with any rose. Before planting, the soil must be composted or fertilized with rotted manure with an addition of bone meal.

Knockout roses are affected only by aphids and Japanese beetles. This is why it is necessary to take preventive measures in order to eliminate them.

Knockout roses’ pruning is carried out in the late winter or the spring. Cut dry and broken branches. The main branches are cut off at a height of 12-18 inches (30-45cm) from the ground.

In the spring, make a complex fertilizer for the best growth and flowering.

To save the moist soil around the knockout roses, it is mulched in layers of 2 inches (5 cm).

Watering is done according to the drying of the soil. Knockout roses differ in drought resistance when compared to other types of roses.

Knockout roses are beautiful and picturesque both in single, as well as group planting. They can be planted in such a way that these flowers will create a flowering carpet in a landscape garden design.

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