Japan lamp - Abutilon megapotamicum

Pronunciation: A'butilon megapo'tamicum,

Family: Mallow (Mal'vaceae)

Type: Deciduous shrub

Where: Living room, conservatory

Plant height: to 5 ft

What: Flowering, All year

Japan lamp (Abutilon megapotamicum) is a resident of American tropics and subtropics. It belongs to the plant genus Abutilon, which are mostly shrubs with stalked leaves and flowers. It is typical that the flower crown is fused with the anthers, which form a tube. Japan Lamp is a slender shrub with long, overhanging branches and pointed leaves. The flowers are stuck and have an inflated, dark purple cup, which is about half as long as the yellow crown.

Japan lantern (Abutilon megapotamicum) must have a lot of water and fertilizer to thrive rich.


Japan lamp must have as much light as possible and larger plants can tolerate direct sunlight. You can put the plants outside in the summer because they are not very heat-consuming, but they must be in before the first night frost. In flowering require much water and nutrients. In winter, reduced water supply anything, but only after flowering is finished, terminated is under way to supply nutrition. Earth may consist of single soil. In the winter the temperature can be lowered to 10-12 C, without damaging the plant. At the same time the soil to dry almost out and add no nutrition. Every spring potted plants on the not too large pots. After the transplant you can do pinched, so as to develop many strong annual shoots with flower buds.


By sticking material can both top and cut plants used. There can be inserted throughout the year, but the best results by sticking in the bright season. You can use as soil, a peat mixture or device ground. After stitching kept the temperature of approx. 20 C to maintain high humidity may cuttings are covered with plastic. Temperature of 20 C, for example, is achieved by cutting the box placed on a heater. In good conditions, it takes normally 14 days before the cuttings have rooted. When the root is developed and the plant is starting to form new shoots, the potted.

Japan lantern (Abutilon megapotamicum) has elegant, hanging flowers.