Ipomoea morning glories - a wonderful annual plant-climber

Ipomoea morning glories.

Why choose an annual plant-climber? There are always places in the garden that are preferably to be hidden from a glance. Those spaces Household construction, storage place, and repaired walls, do not look very aesthetic. Sometimes a gardener wants to change the way their patio or pavilion look. An annual liana will be a good solution.

Advantages of the annual liana-climber

1. An annual grows fast.

2. Every year you can refresh that part of the garden where you would like to change design.

3. An annual climber plant is easy to care for and easy to grow.

4. You can collect the seeds at the end of the vegetation period and plant liana in a new place.

Carefully chosen limbing plants can make a spectacular addition to your garden. Plant climbers may be foliage, flowering, fragrant or fruiting.

A plant climber needs a support along the fences. There are lianas, which motherland is a warm tropic climate. They cannot survive even light frosts. Lowering of the temperature until 32ºF has a destructive influence on them. Ipomoea is an example of tropical plant grown as a leaf vegetable. Ipomoea is grown in the climatic zones 3-9. This is an annual plat, attracting attention with bright flowers. The plant creates dense greenery, covering the support like scales.

Ipomoea is a light-requiring herbaceous plant with beautiful large flowers of various coloring. It grows fast out of the seeds, creating dense dark-green foliage. Liana starts blooming, depending on the kind, on the 80th day after young growth appears. It blossoms from July till September and grows up to 5 6,5 ft. Ipomoea needs limy soil. A fertilizer should be applied with caution as ipomoea does not like its excess and blooms poorly. Ipomoea is planted in the places protected from strong winds.

Morning glory Ipomoea may be planted from seeds and spread aggressively in open areas. It is a light-requiring plant. That is why planting starts when the possibility of light frosts is excluded.

Previously soak the seeds for swelling during 24 hours. With the temperature, not lower than 64ºF put 1-2 seeds into the wet soil and sprinkle with damped earth. The distance between the planted seeds should be at least 10 inches. Watch that the soil in the planting place. Soil should not dry up. On the other hand, do not overwater either. You can put the support for ipomoea or plant it near a fence that will serve as a support. Seeds sprout in 1-3 weeks, depending on the kind and temperature.

If you want ipomoea to start blooming earlier, seedling method of planting is applied. Ipomoea does not like re-planting; its roots should be bothered as less as possible. For this purpose take a peat pot and plant it the same way as you would plant it in the open soil. But the planting terms are shifted to the earlier ones. The seeds sprouting in the pots will occur under the controlled indoor temperature. You should plant ipomoea into the open soil during warm time. The plant requires regular watering and soil tillage. Many ipomoea kinds close their flowers after noon.

TMorning glory here are many ipomoea kinds with their own characteristics. Very widespread ipomoea species are called morning glories.

The species Morning glory morning glories Carnevale di Venezia is showy funnel-shaped flowers of white color with pink or blue strips. Liana’s height is up to 5ft. It grows in the climatic zones 3-9.

The species Morning glories Morning glory morning glories Choice Mix blooms with large flowers in the full sun. It blossoms poorly in the shadow. Flowers appear in the early morning and close in the second part of the day. The plant’s special requirement is moderate watering.

Morning glory

The species Morning glory morning glories Flying Saucers is large white flowers with blue strips. They can be planted in the beginning of May.

The species Morning glory morning glories Clark's earliest Heavenly Blue is large light-blue flowers with light centers. The planting conditions are general: all of these vines prefer average soil and moisture levels, and full sun.

Ipomoeas are unpretentious and simple in care. Every flower lives only 1 day, but another one comes to bring joy and beauty. The whole liana is strewn with flowers and this is a spectacular sight. You can fix their flexible sprouts on one support and create an exotic ipomoea display.