Insect Bumblebee

Protect bumblebees to keep gardenyields high: They are important native pollinators of fruit and vegetable crops.

Patrol Route

Bumblebees are common throughout North America; they’re also sold commercially.

Good Deed

Bumblebees are important wild pollinators for a variety of fruit and seed crops. Bumblebee colonies are sold commercially for use in greenhouses to pollinate tomatoes and peppers.

Insect Bumblebee


Adults are plump, black-and-yellow, fuzzy bees, 1?2 to 1 inch long. They are able to fly in very cool weather. Larvae are fat white grubs, found in cells in the nest.

Getting Them on Your Side

Bumblebees are common in most gardens. To keep them coming to yours:

` Protect bees by minimizing spraying or by spraying only in evenings after bees return to their nest.

` Plant pollen and nectar flowers, and allow dandelions to bloom to provide early pollen.

Insect Bumblebee