Container Gardens The Experts Advice

The main pro ofcontainer gardensis their portability for many lifestyles and occasions. They are suitable for many cases and excellent for various experiments. Today it is the essential part of gardening. Containers are placed there, where traditional gardens cannot exist. Pots are really perfect for balconies and patios, decks and small country yards, etc.

Portability of the containers allows putting them in different areas, including houses and apartments. All you should do is to pick thepots, which can suit your design and interior.Container gardensare made of severalplants, which can be changed every year.Container gardensare the perfect decision for both beginners and professionals, who are interested in obtaining new planting skills.

How To Choose The Right Container?

Container GardensYou can pick any container, includingpots, wire baskets and wood barrels. The most significant thing about a container is drainage.Plantswill never live properly in the soil, which contains lots of water. When there are no drainage holes, you can make them on your own in the bottom.
The size and the weight ofpotsis also very important. You should decide whether the container should be moved during the season. Planting largecontainer gardens, add dollies with wheels. You should know thatplantsneed heavier containers to avoid tipping and be wind resistant.

When you do not want yourplantsdry out between watering procedures, the container must be comparatively large. If the flowers are allowed to wilt, they won’t be productive. Choose suchpotsforcontainer gardens, which have a longer life span. Sometimes containers are stored outdoors, and when it is winter they should protect flowers and withstand wind and frost.


Container gardens need frequent wateringContainer gardensneed frequent watering in comparison with in-ground gardens. If yourplants grow larger, because they keep water longer.
Using water holding gels and polymers, which are mixed with the soil, you definitely increase the water that is held. Besides, it can extend the period between watering. Water carries fertilizers to the plant’s roots. As the fertilizers are the forms of salt, their management is important.


When you decided to usecontainer gardens, you should also think of the light the flowers need. Every plant has its individualized requirement, so you should be very careful in mixing the needs of the flower. As you place the container, you should consider lightning of the location. Thanks to the portability ofcontainer gardens, you can move all thepotsto the needed place every time it is necessary. Reflected sunlight can also damage the flowers.

Flowers and vegetables need about 8 hours of sun each day. When we’re speaking about different root vegetables, they need not more than 6 hours.

The Possibilities To Choose From

get container gardensWhen you wish to getcontainer gardens, you should pick the species that grow well in a container. Never overlook tropical flowers for shady areas. You can pick Ficus, Dracaena, Aspidistra, Shefflera or Fatshedera.

You can feel absolutely free to combine perennials with annuals. That will contribute to the rainbow color in your pot. Even bulbs flowers and ornamental grasses are grown in containers. If you are more interested in a single plant specimen, you can get Caryopteris, Cytisus, little Gem Norway, Blue Shag and Dwarf Alberta.

Container gardenscreate a whole new world of beautiful flowers and species. From now on you can make a portable garden and enjoy the wonderful smell all year round.