How to plant gladiolus in a garden

Bulbous plants always look effectively in a garden. They are the first to start blossoming in spring. Abundance of bulbous flowers competes with other ornamental plants in summer. Gladioli are outstanding flowers in the perennial garden and are one of the most popular summer flowering bulbs.

Its flowers grow on tall spikes and are beautiful in separate planting on a lawn. It is a universal flower that always attracts attention to its blossom. All gardengladioliare hybrids gladiolus. They derived from crossing of the African and European kinds.Gladiolihave every possible coloring and a refined form of flowers.

Gladioliare unpretentious plants.

How to plantthem and how to grow, how to make them to blossom all season long? Gladioliare corm perennial plants. Nutrients for plant growth are saved up in them. It is important to plant good-quality gladiolus corms.

Choose a place for planting.

You should follow a number of conditions in orderforgladiolusto grow firm and strong with big flowers.

1. The place for planting ofgladiolusmust be well shined and warm but not subjected to the scorching effect of the southern sun during summer.

2. Gladiolusmust not have been grown up on the plot during the preceding 4 or 5 years.

How to plant gladiolus in a garden3. The plot must be well aired, without air stagnation.

4. The level of subsoil waters must be low.

5. Gladiolido not take out boggy soils.

6. You should not plantgladiolion slopes.

7. The plot must be protected from strong winds.

Gladiolusgrows and blooms badlyin shade. After you have chosen an appropriate plot, begin preparation of soil for planting ofgladioli.

Soil preparation

Gladiolusgrows and blooms well in fertile air-penetrable soils. Poor sandy or heavy clay soils do not fit them. The soil must be penetrable for water and rather friable.

It is prepared beforehand. Heavy soils are facilitated by coarse-grained sand; clay is added into light soils. Mineral fertilizers are carried in in the form of super phosphate and potash fertilizers. Chlorine-containing potash fertilizers are not used.

Acidity of the soil must be neutral or sub acidic. At 6, 5 pH or at pH from 6, 8 to 7 acidity of the soilcorms are less influenced by rotting. If the acidity of a soil is less than 6, 5, it's necessary to add lime in order for the acidity to become neutral.

Organic fertilizers and peat reduce the pH level. Some nutrients are badly acquired by a plant if acidity of soil is higher. One can bring only well decayed organic fertilizers into a soilbecause decaying organic fertilizers promote occurrence of decay on a plant neck.

Preparation for planting a corm

Preparation for planting a corm

Acormis peeled from covering husks and its state is attentively estimated.Cormsaffected by illnesses are not used. For food improvementcormsare recommended to be presoaked

within 15 hours in a solution of wood ashes: 1lb per 1,3 gal of water. To achieve earlier flowering of a gladiolus a corm is warmed up on air at a temperature of 77F and humidity of 60-65% two weeks before planting. Planting is fulfilled when root eminences will be boldly designated. A youngcormis soaked in warm water with addition of a growth factor within 1 day before planting.

How to plant gladiolus

Planting ofgladiolusis performed at a soil temperature not lower than 50F on a depth of 4 inches. Planting must be performed on time. A distance between smallcormsis 5 inches. A big cormrequires 6 8 inches space apart. A distance between rows is 1,5ft. The bigger thecormis, the deeper it is planted. Too deep planting does harm crop capacity of corm buds and slows down blossoming. A depth from a corm to a ground surface can be from 2 to 3 inches depending on the size of a corm.

Taking care of gladiolus

After planting gladioli, it is recommended to mulch soil. Regular watering and soil loosening is essential. During vegetation, at least 2 times a top dressing of gladiolus is made. First, complex fertilizer is required. Then, top dressing with fertilizer for blossoming plants should be given at the beginning of flowering.

How to plant gladiolus in a garden

Additional information

There is a large quantity of grades ofgladioli, which is divided into several kinds. The North American Gladiolus Council classified all grades ofgladiolusaccording to the size of flowers and determined five groups.Gladioliare subdivided into kinds according to a size of the very lowest flower in an inflorescence. The gradation goes from small to huge sizes. A form of a flower is a category. There is a division into categories according to color and its intensity. There are additional marks ofgladioliby letters, which denote flowering terms. While choosing unusual grades ofgladiolusyou can use this coding.