How to make a small rock garden

A rock garden isusually made in the open space, where it is possible to see it outside. These are the features of arock garden. However, what should you do if you do not have such spaces but you still want to create a smallrock garden?

It is possible to make it near the house, in a patio on a small lot, which does not occupy much space. It is possible to make arock gardenin the corner where the porch adjoins the house wall. Usually, people do not plant too close to the wall. It will shade the windows; it is harmful to the walls and the foundation of the house. That is why container plants are used for planting.

How to create a pictorial nook - rock garden?

Zen GardenIt is necessary to measure distance of 1.5ft (45см) from the wall. This distance depends on what containers you will use when planting greenery in arock garden. At this distance a person makes a stone curb. Taking into account that arock gardenwill be made, a person significantly considers the outward appearance of the border. The building is usually encircled with stone riprap, which drains without damaging the foundation of the house. It has a defined incline.

1. For the creation of astone curb,it is necessary to have a plain surface of foundation which contains the stones. Therefore, having measured the distance that will be a width of a rock garden, you level the buckle out of cement solution to the width of a kerb-stone.

2. In thestone curb,is necessary to create a hole so that water that suddenly comes between the house and the border, goes away.

How to create a pictorial nook - rock garden? 3. Then, it is possible to make layer. Create a border from any construction stone or make it out of concrete. The height of thestone curbshould be tall enough to conceal containers or pots ofthe rock garden plants. It can be 8 10 in. The height of a stone curb depends more on what you desire.

4. If the border is made out of concrete, then it should be tiled with imitation stone or with small stones. Choose the color of the border so that it is harmonious with the color of the walls and porch. For example, if the house is of a beige tint, then make the facing a brown or brick-red tint. If a house has a cool hue, then you should make the color the revetment taupe or blue-grey.

5. The upper parts of a stone curb should also be tiled with the same material as the border wall.

6. In order for this construction to have a finished look, it is desirable to makeedging.The edging stone curbis made at the foot of the border where it sides with a stone riprap.Edgingis a 4in. stripe. It can be made of small macadam, which is fixed with cement solution or waterproof adhesive. It is possible to make contrast edgingout of white or dark small stones or pebbles. The important thing to keep in mind is that the color ofedgingmatches the border, a wall of the house, and the surrounding surface ofthe rock garden.

How to create a pictorial nook - rock garden?

7. If thestone curbis made along a wall of the house and side of a porch, then its configuration is an angle. In that case, make a small round or oval reservoir of sand or small macadam in the middle before the border. In order to prevent the sand or macadam from disintegration, use a garden border of a round shape. Its color can match the color of the border. Concentric circles in the reservoir put stress on its classification as arock garden.

After the organization of astone curband reservoir is done, you can begin to fill up spaces for containers with flowers.

In the center of a triangle, you can place a plant. It can be a dwarfish thuya or a Japanese dwarf maple. Suchrock garden plantsunderline the eastern style of a garden.

rock garden

Other plants for yourrock gardenare a matter of your taste. You can design a border with land plants, and alternate with some taller decorative bushes. The main rule is that the otherrock garden plants should not be taller than the major one that is planted in the corner. Make a palette brighter and add bright colors of flowering plants to match eastern asceticism. A rock gardenis not a tenet, after all. Plus, you can usevariegated hosts,Ajuga reptansand some other plants foryour rock garden.

Above all, use several kinds of plants with different heights and different colors of leaves. If you have planted land plants, then the surface of the soil will not be visible in the containers. Plants will cover it, and according to the growth, there will be a dense carpet. In several places, between the land plants, you can place small stones which match the border color. If you use plants of differing heights, then alternate them with land plants. In places where the soil is visible, cover it with small macadam or pebbles. In this case, you can use the same color as stones.

These smallrock gardenscan be placed on the balcony, terrace and anywhere your heart desires.