How to Grow Aloe Vera

How to grow aloe Vera asked by many people this question.

Aloe Vera plant originated in eastern Africa, but cultivated today throughout the world.

Aloe Vera is a succulent. That is to say a plant that is capable of storing large amounts of water in the tissue.

Aloe Vera looks like a cactus, but actually belong plant in the lily family (liliaceae).

There is hardly anyone in this world, which would be unaware of the many benefits the healing properties of this plant.If you also want to realize these benefits, grow these plants in your home. Aloe Vera can easily be grown indoors. The plant reaches a height of 90 cm. Aloe Vera is very flexible in nature and is also resistant to almost all types of pests, except a few insects and bugs.

Here are tips to grow your own Aloe Vera:

Growing Aloe Vera Plant Indoor

It you need

* Aloe Vera plant

* Wild Potting Mix

* Plant pot with drainage hole

* Balls, pebbles or potsherds


*Aloe Vera growing in soil mixed with sand. You can use of the compound cactus potting mix or a mixture of 2 parts sand and 1 part potting soil to create good opportunities.

* Next, select a flower pot with good drainage. Start by filling the pot third with gravel or crushed stone.

* Lower the plant into the pot. Fill the rest of the space in the pot, two-thirds, with potting mix. You must cover the plant with soil up to the crown, and pat it in place.

* Place it at a sunny window. If possible, go for windows with a southern exposure that gives a bright light to the plant.

Watering Harvest

* Remember that you have to water the Aloe Vera plant, the summer months when the pot seems dry.

* During the winter months, aloe watered infrequently.

* For therapeutic purposes, aloe Vera, cut the outer leaves at the base of the plant in the longitudinal direction.

Some Tips

*In the summer, keep your plant outdoors.

* If your Aloe Vera plant is outdoors in late summer, take it into long before the first frost.

* Excess watering aloe Vera can cause root rot.

Aloe Vera effect on the body

Aloe Vera is used as a natural remedy for sunburn, minor burns and cuts.

You can also buy supplements with aloe Vera.


Already in ancient times, aloe Vera used for beauty treatments.

Aloe Vera was also used as a wound healing agent.

The Greeks had discovered that when you cut into an aloe Vera leaf, so did the plant after a short time healed his wounds.

The experience was successfully tested in humans.

The Greek philosopher Aristotle persuaded the commander Alexander the Great to conquer the island of Socotra off Africa's east coast, only because there were large plantations of aloe Vera on the island.

Alexander the Great was since so excited about aloe Vera that he got it grown in wagons to bring fresh supplies to its troops on the battlefield.

Egyptian Muslims and Jews in Cairo considered aloe Vera as a religious symbol. Those who had completed a pilgrimage had to hang an aloe Vera up against the door.

Use of aloe Vera

Ancient Egyptians gave the aloe Vera plant so strong properties that they called the plant of immortality.

In Asia, will aloe Vera juice served as a soft drink.

The gel from the aloe Vera has been smeared on children's fingers to get them to stop biting nails.


Aloe Vera is thousands of years been used in beauty care and wound healing agent.

Today there is an international collaboration among researchers to study the active ingredients in aloe Vera plant.

Researchers have found that it is the substance in the aloe Vera is aloin having a strong laxative effect.

The researchers also interested in effective substances in gel inside the aloe Vera leaves.

Research studies suggest that aloe Vera gel has an antibacterial effect.

It will be particularly important for agriculture and ultimately consumers, if aloe Vera can be used as an alternative to antibiotics.

Can E. coli bacteria among piglets fought with aloe Vera, so consumers can get roast pork without residues of antibiotics.

Research has also shown that aloe Vera is good for burns.


It is important to know that aloe Vera leaves consists of two parts.

The gel inside the leaf is the part that you can use for skin care and from burns.

The yellow juice, which comes from cells just below the leaf epidermis, be careful. The juice contains aloin, which is a rather effective purgative substance.

If you grow aloe Vera in a pot on the windowsill, it is usually only a low content of aloin.

Now you know how to grow aloe Vera and use it for medicinal purposes.