Honeybees are very worthy of our appreciation: They pollinate fruits and vegetables, and also give us honey.


Patrol Route

Honeybees are found throughout North America.

Good Deed

Honeybees are extremely important pollinators of fruit, vegetables, and agricultural crops; it’s estimated that more than 80 percent of pollination is done by domestic honeybees.


Adults are fuzzy, gold-and-black-striped insects, 3?4 inch long, with transparent wings; they are often seen visiting flowers. Larvae are white grubs found in wax honeycombs in beehives.

Getting Them on Your Side

` Provide a water source in dry weather.

` Avoid spraying fruit trees when flowers are in bloom.

28 good Plant pollen and nectar plants that bloom before or after the main fruit bloom (so they don’t lure bees away from fruit flowers).

` If you must apply insecticides, spray in the evening, after bees return to their hive.