Heather garden and spectacular eric plants

What is the difference between eric plants and heathers?

They are similar because they grow in similar conditions and have the same family heather. The way their leaves look is different. These are tiny leaves, similar to coniferous, needle-shaped ones, and the flowers are bells, stretched out. Eric plants, such as evergreen shrubs, may be a wonderful adornment in a heather garden. The color palette of these heathers is very diverse. There are white, pink, apricot, yellow, red, lilac and almost black ones. As all heathers, eric plants can’t tolerate shadowing and damp soils.

Soil for heathers should have a minimal number of organic fertilizers. After blooming, eric plants must be pruned to improve further blooming. The pruning is done to remove the sprouts that finished blossoming. Not all of the eric plants are pruned in the same season. Some eric plants are pruned in the spring, others in the fall. Everything depends on when these heathers are blooming and the nature of their development cycle.

Evergreen shrubs are eric plants of the baccans kind, which are very beautiful when blooming. They may be of various heights. It can be a bush 24-36" tall. There are even taller bushes - 36-48". There are large bushes, growing up to 8 ft. Eric plants baccans are grown for decoration in the heather garden and flower cutting. Evergreen shrubs eric plants may be planted in the heather garden, combining them in color and size.

Eric plants baccansEric plants baccans prefer sunny places with good ventilation. As all heather evergreen shrubs, eric plants grow the best in sandy-loam acid soils without organic fertilizers. In phosphate soils, the growth of eric plants is suppressed. Heathers, including eric plants, are symbiotic plants. Eric plants’ roots are surrounded by the mycelium of soil mushrooms, which help the roots of eric plants get nutrition from the soil. That’s why it’s so important not to damage this symbiosis while replanting them into the heather garden.

In order to raise the soil acidity, peat or rot needles are added. Planting or replanting of eric evergreen shrubs is done in the early spring while the heather garden is still sleeping. At the same time,the eric bushes are pruned to form a fluffier bush. To protect the eric bush’s roots from warming, the soil is usually mulched. This helps to lower weed growth and to protect the eric bushes.

Eric baccans heather planting

Eric baccans heather plantingIf your’re planting eric baccans seeds, it’s recommended you do this in the spring when the warm days begin. Growing heather eric seeds is a laborious process. People noticed that after fires, heather seeds sprouted promptly, which is why seeds for planting may be processed with smoke. Usually seedlingsare grownin containers, so it is easier to control the conditions of their growth. The planting seeds of heather eric are made to provide enough vital space to every plant for further development. Soil for planting seeds must be damp but not soggy. In order to plant, soil for heather or coniferous one, peat and white sand is used. The ratio: soil for heather 1 part, peat 2 parts and sand 1 part. Seeds are sown at the soil surface under the glass or transparent film. Seed sprouting is a long process. It usually takes over a month. In the beginning, the seedlings need to be protected from the direct sun rays.

They need to be exposed to the sun gradually. After sprouting, seedlings are given time to strengthen within 2 months. Then, the estimation of the seedlings’ condition is done. In the summer, the container with seedlings can be taken into the heather garden. Seedlings, younger than 1.5-2 years, can be replanted. Be very careful not to damage the roots when planting in the permanent place in the heather garden. There’s another kind of eric plant reproduction. This is reproduction with the cuttings, which are usually stored up from the last year’s branches, when the wood becomes solid.

A very good place for rootage is the branch heel, the place where it fixes itself to the stem of the main heather. They are soaked in the solution of a growth stimulator and planted into the blend of sand or pearlite, crushed arboreous bark, or peat. To prevent the plants from drying, a wet environment is created by spraying the cuttings themselves. The soil where the cuttings are should be slightly damp and fluffy to let the air in.

Eric plants

If there’s no possibility to create a wet environment for the cuttings, they are covered with transparent film with small holes, which is periodically removed for ventilation and the cuttings are sprayed. The rootage takes 3 months. The heather cuttings which rooted themselves, gradually harden in 1 month by being exposed to the sun and staying in the fresh air. Then, they are carefully planted into the heather garden. The root neck isn’t deepened.

Young plants for the winter are covered with coniferous branches or peat.

Eric plants, grown from the cuttings, start to bloom much earlier than those grown from the seeds.

Heather eric baccans may be rooted with shifters. This is an easier method for the plant’s reproduction.