So creamy pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup is a real treat, concentrated flavor and’smoothness.

Feasible in the first pumpkin harvest, it can also be done throughout the’winter.

Serves 4 to 6 people:

  • 1 pumpkin (2 kg)
    If the pumpkin is bigger cut into song and freeze the rest
  • 4 potatoes
  • 100 g thick fresh cream
  • 50 cl chicken stock
  • nutmeg
  • salt and pepper
  • toasted croutons
  • a few strands of’herbs (parsley, chervil or tarragon)

Recipe for pumpkin soup:

The recipe for pumpkin soup is as easy as quick to perform while the result is at the height of his fame!

Pumpkin soup is indeed a must and soups’One of the best ways to cook pumpkin.

Here preparing pumpkin soup:

  1. Remove skin and stringy parts of the pumpkin
  2. Peel the potatoes
  3. Cut the pumpkin and potatoes into large chunks
  4. A steam cook whole pumpkin and potatoes.
    You can use a pan’salt water if you prefer this method of cooking
  5. The cooking time is to’about 20 minutes to steam the potatoes should be cooked
  6. Prepare and heat the chicken stock
  7. Place the vegetables in a blender
  8. Pour the broth as
  9. Add sour cream and nutmeg
  10. Salt and pepper

You can use the pumpkin soup, embellished with’herbs and toasted croutons with small c’is delicious ...

Bon Appetite!