Beef jump to small vegetables, broccoli and carrots

Sautéed beef with vegetables, broccoli and carrots market is as easy to prepare dish that light to eat.

Ready in minutes, c’is a recipe for entertaining friends at the last moment!

You will cook the beef sautéed in a wok but ideally a Dutch oven or large skillet same should be the’deal ...

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • 600 g of beef bourguignon
  • 1 broccoli
  • Beautiful 4 carrots
  • 10 cl of white wine
  • Oil’olive
  • Salt and pepper

Recipe of sautéed beef with vegetables, broccoli and carrots

Start by cutting the meat into thin strap so as to obtain pieces no larger than 1/2 cm’thickness.

Heat the’oil’Olive in the wok or in the dish you have for this recipe.

  • Brown meat on all sides
  • Reduce heat to bring the heat to low
  • Add white wine
  • Cover Up
  • Bake 10 minutes

In the meantime,

  • Peel the carrots
  • Cut broccoli tops
  • Add the vegetables to the meat and continue cooking another 10 min
  • Salt and pepper

Sautéed beef is ready to be served. It can be served with rice or just served plain with mustard for example.

Bon Appetite!