Gele elderberry easy and economical

The elderberry jelly is very easy to make and the profusion of fruit, often wild and unused, making it a cheap frozen at all.

For those who enjoy picking wild fruit l’summer, this recipe is for you!

Ingredients for the elderberry jelly:

  • 1 kg of black berries elderberry
  • 500 g of granulated sugar
  • 1 sachet of pectin
  • The juice’1/2 lemon

Recipe of the elderberry jelly:

The elderberry jelly recipe is made during’summer when elderberries are ready to be harvested, although mature, although black and bathed by the sun.

Warning elderberry task enormously and it is better to protect before cooking

  • Begin by carefully wash elderberry while removing the green beans
  • At’Using’fork, retain berries by getting rid of all stems
  • Put the elder in a preserving pan or kettle
  • Then bring to boiling and boil for 5 minutes until’that the fruits burst and release their juices
  • Then go all the mill or the’cheesecloth to a clear jelly
  • Weigh the amount thus obtained and paid the same weight in sugar and mix
  • Add lemon juice and pectin bag
  • Bring to a simmer and count 2 minutes from the first boiling
  • For even if the jelly is cooked, place a spoon on a cold plate and if it freezes c’is that c’is good
  • If n’is not, cook for a few moments
  • When c’is still hot, pour in the jelly jam jars and close immediately turning
  • Cool

Bon Appetite!