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Blackberry jelly is a recipe that will perfectly accompany your breakfast but also some dishes in sauce.

easy to achieve, follow our tips to picking potting for a successful jelly mûres.Confiturez clever with your garden products ....... Why not with blackberries !


  • 3 pounds of blackberries
  • 2 pounds preferably special jam sugar
  • A lemon

Recipe for blackberry jelly:

Blackberries Preparation:

  • Remove the stalks remaining attached to the fruit. Wash the blackberries in’cold water to remove any dust or foreign bodies, then drain.
  • Use a large bowl for cooking. Put some blackberries with a glass and a half’water. N’Feel free to add enough ripe fruit as their most abundant pectin promote good taking your jelly. Let them boil for five minutes until’that have given all their fruit juice, that’They are split and almost cooked.

Blackberry jelly's Cooking:

  • Remove mixture from heat and let it drain using a muslin or ventilated (the ultimate!) A small press.
  • Weigh the mixture and put it into the basin previously cleaned.
  • Add the sugar (1 kg of sugar per 900 gr. Mix)
  • Take cooking by continuing to stir up’to boiling. Cook about five minutes, stirring frequently and removing the’scum that you will enjoy a preview of the greedy.
  • The test’good cooking is done by pouring a drop of jelly on a plate cooled in the freezer. The straw that freezes tell you that cooking is completed.
  • Pour into jars previously scalded. Close them immediately and place them in’to before returning to store them. If your pots are uncovered, you can also wait for the cooling, pour melted paraffin and then coated with’a small square of fabric decorated as you hold with an elastic.
  • In all cases, your jelly jars then remind you suckers lined closets with plenty of your grandmother.

Recipe Paloup.

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