Fig jam with honey, white wine and cinnamon

Here is the fig jam recipe with honey, white wine and cinnamon, proposed by Françoise Porcher specialist and loving jams.


  • 1 kg 500 figs purple
  • 50 cl quality dry white wine
  • 400 g honey thousand flowers, liquid, preferably organic
  • 400 g of granulated sugar
  • 1 cinnamon stick

 Recipe of the fig jam with honey, white wine and cinnamon

  • I wipe my figues with a damp cloth. I remove the top of the stalk. I cut my figs into quarters.
  • I put them in my bowl copper or stainless steel container, I pour the wine and add the cinnamon stick.
  • Eventually, I pour a little mineral water to cover all the figs.
  • I bring to a boil, then let simmer over medium heat until the figs are touched and juices they make, starts to become syrupy.
  • I fee and reserve in a bowl.
  • I add the honey syrup and I heat over low heat, then pour the sugar into rain. I reduce this tasty syrup. It must freeze after my spoon fourth gout.
  • I put my figs in this syrup and gives a light broth.
  • I love my intersect in two figs to make cubes, on the back of a wooden spoon, it helps to prolong the pleasure of a refined jam that quickly eat with a spoon.

The firing lasted about 40 minutes.

SUGGESTION : Served accompanied by a scoop of ice cream to choose from, even chocolate ice cream or sorbet cassis, it becomes a delicacy.

Françoise Porcher (about the’author and his book)