Ground Beetle

Ground beetles are your secret heroes: They feed on snails, slugs, and other soil-dwelling pests by night and hide under stones and boards by day.

Patrol Route

Ground beetles are common throughout North America.

Ground Beetle

Good Deed

Ground beetles prey on slugs, snails, cabbage root maggots, cutworms and many other pests that have a soil-dwelling stage. Some species also pursue prey that live on plants or trees, such as gypsy moths, Colorado potato beetle larvae and tent terpillars. A single larva can eat more 50 caterpillars.


Adults are large, iridescent, blue-black or purplish brown beetles, 3?4 to 1 inch long, with long legs and a well-defined thorax that’s usually narrower than the abdomen. Larvae are dark brown or black grubs with 10 segments, tapering markedly toward the rear. They have large mandibles for grasping prey.

Getting Them on Your Side

` Provide permanent beds and perennial plantings in the

garden to protect populations.

` Plant white clover groundcover in orchards.

` Make permanent stone, sod, or clover pathways throughout the garden to provide refuges.

Ground Beetle