Weiglia beautiful flowering-1

The weigelia is a beautiful shrub that blooms in the spring to install a hedge or isolated.

The planting,’Maintenance and size allow you to’improve flowering and proper development of your WEIGELA.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Weigela
Family : Caprofoliacées
Type : Shrub

: 1 to 2 m
Exposure : Sun and partial shade
Ground : Rich enough

: Deciduous
Flowering : April to June

Planting WEIGELA:

  • It is best to plant it in’fall to promote’rooting before’Winter and thus ensure better recovery.
  • You can plant up’in the spring and even summer all weigélias purchased container or pot.
    Éviteznéanmoins periods of frost or high temperatures.
  • Follow us coplanting nseils to properly plant your shrub.
  • Multiplication cuttings .

Size weigelia:

  • Wait until flowering to prune.
  • Find our size advice shrubs.

To have a beautiful weigelia:

L’contribution of’a universal fertilizer spring improve growth, flowering and make the beautiful foliage.

Namely the WEIGELA:

Very beautiful shrub to the generous and abundant flowering, WEIGELA attracts attention with its beauty and the pink and white flowers.

D’easy maintenance, it will fit perfectly solid, alone or in a hedge of’various shrubs.

This shrub is known for its resistance to diseases and insects.
This prevents the’use of treatment products, so you will participate in protecting your environment!

Board’maintenance weigelia:

A Mulching during’was prevents weed growth and the’evaporation’water after watering.

  • For specific questions regarding weigelia n’Feel free to open a discussion on Forum
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The weigelia, an excellent hedge shrub:

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