Viola cornuta Idale solid and jardinire

The viola cornuta is a very pretty little flower that blooms all l’winter.

How to be beautiful flowers of’fall to spring.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Viola Cornuta
Family : Violaceae
Type : Vivace

Height : 10 to 20 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary

Foliage : Evergreen
Flowering Depending on the variety, from March to July and September to April

Planting of the viola cornuta:

Planting of the viola cornuta :

There planting viola cornuta purchased in pot or container s’carried throughout the’Fall preferably even up’early spring.

Viola cornuta seedlings:

In sowing from June to July, up’in September.

It is strongly recommended plant out first time in the nursery before putting in place to’fall.

In all cases, maintain a distance’approximately 15 cm between each plant viola cornuta.

  • Be that’In any event, the viola cornuta has the’advantage of sow spontanément and so flourish as long.

Maintaining the viola cornuta:

It requires only little’maintenance except, perhaps, for’be watered if the soil s’dries.

You can delete the wilted flowers As in order to stimulate’appearance new flower buds.

The end of flowering you can fold the’all of the mother plant and wait for spontaneous seedlings start to grow

However, it is preferable’wait for new flowers appear before deleting the old feet.

Namely the viola cornuta:

Viola cornuta Idale solid and jardinireThe viola cornuta resembles the thought and made of’also part of the same family, but it is much more rustic than the latter.

The flowers resemble those of little thoughts with blue, yellow or white.

A distinction of’Besides the thoughts of viola cornuta their petals.

  • The viola cornuta has 2 petals up and three down.
  • The thought has 4 petals up and down

The viola cornuta being particularly rustic, well it will resist the winter cold, down to -15 °.

You will enjoy’flowering throughout the’winter certain varieties and, in addition, for relatively long periods.

Flowering begins in March and continues until early summer to restart the’fall.

Council clever about the viola cornuta:

The viola cornuta which also blooms in early spring will fit in perfectly with the tulips that bloom at the same time!