Vines have beautiful grapes-1

The vine is a beautiful fruit tree, regaling us with his grapes at the end of’summer.

L’care, treatment and planting are all gestures that allow you to’quickly reach beautiful crops.

In short, that’you should know:

Name Vitis vinifera
Family : Vitaceae
Type : Shrub orchard

: 2 to 5 m
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary limestone

: Deciduous
Harvest : September-October

Planting the vine

It is recommended to plant the vine in’autumn or spring.

Outside these periods, avoid frozen or hot weather for planting.

If you plant in spring or summer, remember to water regularly after planting to facilitate’rooting and recovery.

  • Follow us planting tips.

Size, maintenance of the vines:

She s’effected November to mid-April provided that’it does not freeze. C’that's when’it is dormant.

The pruning is important because it determines the quality of the grape harvest, it allows control the vigorous growth of lianas and allows limit disease.

  • Visit our advice card for many prune vines

Namely on the vine:

The vine is a great shrub to grow in her own garden.
Some species are perfectly adapted to the fruit production to consume natural as Chasselas.

Trellised against a wall and well maintained, the vines will quickly the pleasure of enjoying your own grapes, soaked and sweet.

But treatments are important and critical size to promote fruiting and make good vendangeur a rich and abundant harvest.

Diseases and parasites of the vine:

The vine is a shrub unfortunately quite fragile and some precautions s’necessary to prevent diseases.

D’First preventively with regular treatment Bordeaux mixture. This effective preventive fungicide treatment must be applied by spraying the leaves from budding and up’up to 15 days before harvest grapes.

The main diseases and pests that affect vines and grapes.

  • Mildew (Brown spots on the leaves) = how to treat the vines against mildew?
  • Erinose, blisters or green or red blisters on the leaves = Processing’√©rinose
  • Insects : Insecticide bio in February against winter shapes and then to’first leaves appear and at the end of flowering.

Malignant Council on the vine

You will consume your own grapes, so protect your health and the’environment by choosing organic treatment products that are aujourd’hui very effective!