A small green space

Mini garden, courtyard or balcony: well arranged, your patch of blue sky can become a place in which to live.

Even restricted outdoor space is an opportunity, and the landscaping carefully, it is possible to transform a balcony, a roof terrace, a piece of land or real courtyard garden where each activity has its place. For this, decorative materials, pots and plants and furniture must be adapted.

Start from the ground to cover to bring style and comfort. The slatted wood, snap, gravel and artificial grass (put as carpet and clean a vacuuming), are among the simplest options to install.

Feel free to associate to delineate different spaces that give an illusion of grandeur slabs to the dining area, wood for the "tan" turf to compose a cozy area for rest and children's games ...

Pocket Furniture

Once you have defined areas, equip the adapted furniture playing on the harmony of colors and materials.

Living room with mini table and chairs for cocktails, small table and folding chairs for dining, sun loungers, hammocks or beanbags and cushions for sunbathing: the smaller size models or malignant abound. It is so convenient shelves that cling to the railing of the balcony and fold easily, chests which act as seating and storage, etc.

Complete with bright garlands, small lamps (rechargeable if catches are remote), and a table or electric barbecue.

Green button

A small green spaceDo not skimp on plants! They bring color and oxygen, you hide from the eyes of neighbors and contribute to transform a small space in green garden.

In court, bet on vines and shrubs to be planted in deep bins placed along the walls. Select species carefully depending on the exposure.

On a balcony, cut from the street or isolate yourself vis-à-vis through pots, planters, pots suspended ...

Better, make a green wall accumulating pot plants on a shelf or a door. Top: install a pergola over a portion of your balcony (the dining area, for example) to create a green island.

Laure Hamann

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