Valriane officinale grass in cats

Valerian officinalis is a very aromatic perennial herb well known for its ability to attract cats.

Its pretty flowering, it has the’advantage’attract bees to your garden.

In short, you need to know:

Name : Valeriana officinalis
Family : Caprifoliaceae, Valerianaceae
Type : Vivace

: 60 to 80 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering: May-September

Planting valerian:

It is recommended to plant valerian officinale to’autumn maintaining a distance of 30 cm between each plant.

You can also plant spring topics bought pot or bucket condition’sprinkle a little the top.

  • Pointless’add potting soil because the needs of valerian are limited.
  • Multiplication division of the tuft to’autumn

Size, maintenance of valerian:

Cut flowers wilted in as.

  • Fold in the shortest’fall, after the wilted leaves

Useful Information on Valerian:

Not to be confused with valerian gardens, Centranthus ruber officinalis Valerian is an herb that’also known as catnip.

  • Its odor attracts indeed cats.

Valerian officinalis is notable for its ease of cultivation and high capacity \’adaptation to any type of soil.

She increased demand no watering.

Its flowers ranging from pink to red attend beauty rockeries, your massive but also your hotpots or your planters.

We can consider that’it is part of the great mother plants and fits perfectly in the wild gardens.

Use of valerian officinale:

Used the roots of valerian officinale in many pharmaceutical preparations.

Finally, the root would have sedative virtues. They soothe nervous contractions as’insomnia, neurosis or the’hysteria.

Malignant Council for valerian:

For a beautiful decorative effect, mix the colors.