A garden with color bulbs dt

In massive, stews or middle of the lawn, summer bulbs bring color and gaiety. Plant them grouped in the spring to enjoy throughout the summer.

Dahlias, lily, crocosmias, gladioli , cannas, agapanthus... The summer bulbs take multiple forms and colors. All are easy to grow, beautiful in beds, planters and bouquets. From South Africa, South America and Australia, they love the sun and tolerate poor soils, provided they are well drained.

If your soil is heavy clay and, prefer growing in pots, because too much moisture causes rotting bulbs.

Planting from March to May

A garden with color bulbs dtThere planting of summer bulbs must be done in a heated ground after the last frost. In mild climates, it can be performed in March; in others, it is better to wait until the end of the month ofApril. Plant your bulbs grouped for a spectacular multi-color effect.

Mix varieties making sure to place the long-stemmed flowers in the background of the smaller species.

Before planting, soften the soil with a spade, remove the stones and weeds. Place each bulb in a hole whose depth is twice its size (10 cm for gladioli and crocosmias), Pointed side up. Replace the earth lightly over it, to facilitate the release of land from the plant.

In pots and planters, do not overtighten bulbs. Place your container in the sun and water regularly.

Enjoy the following spring

Flowering bulbs varies according to species, lasting two to four weeks for some species much for others, such as dahlias, that remain in bloom until the first autumn frosts. This then is the time to pull them to fold their stems to 10 cm, to keep them in a dry, frost-free, in order to replant next spring.

For others, such as lily or crocosmias, it is even simpler, since the bulb can remain in place from year to year.

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