An olive tree, even in the north

An olive tree in the north of France, it is possible! Provided that reflect the requirements of this exceptional tree.

Family Oleaceae, the olive is the Mediterranean tree par excellence. It evokes the warmth, light, and the song of cicadas in the southern regions.

Slow growing, it has a life extraordinary.

The tormented aspect of its trunk and evergreen green to gray tones make it a beautiful ornamental tree.

Because over the Loire is its decorative aspect prevails, it will not count on a production of olives!

Olivier on the balcony in the north

The olive tree adapts well to culture tray it enjoys a sunny exposure and sheltered from the wind. Choose a nice terracotta pottery in which you can add some lavender feet.

The olive tree is drought resistant, it needs moderate watering. It supports very well transplantation, allowing you to change the container as soon as you will feel cramped.

In winter, put it away in a dry, cool and bright.

Olivier in the ground in the north

You can plant your olive in the ground if your garden meets the following conditions: southern exposure, light, dry and well drained. You will also need some space - 6-8 meters around its trunk - for it is a tree that does well insulated.

He fears humidity and strong winds, but supports negative temperatures down to minus 15 degrees, provided that the cold is dry.

During the early years of growing your olive tree, watch the rabbits! They can come nibble the trunk of your young tree and put in danger if they reach the heart. Finally, remember to prune in late winter to help form a single trunk.

M.-C. H.

Visual Credits: Plant of the Month

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