Cyclamen all winter

With its varied forms and bright colors, cyclamen plant is the star of winter.

Family primroses, the cyclamen comes from Central Europe and the Mediterranean basin. Modern varieties offer a wide range of colors (white, red, pink, purple ...) and forms, with fringed flowers, flame, spiral ... We also crack for mini cyclamen that look very much like the violets!

Through selection work, cyclamen supports better the confined heat our homes. But not exaggerated anyway! If you can keep it at room temperature of 15-18 °, it will bloom from November to March.

Cyclamen, a light plant

To ensure good flowering your cyclamen, place it in a bright location but not direct sunlight.

As he enjoys the cool, you can make him stay overnight in the fridge on the landing or garage. Feel free to use it to bring color to your balcony.

Regarding watering, take care to do it regularly and sparingly (2-3 times per week) to maintain just damp clod. Sprinkle over the pot rim or in the cup but never on the bulb! To avoid water stagnation, bad for the roots, cover your cup clay balls or empty it 30 minutes after watering.

Prolonging the cyclamen

To feed the bulb in so little land, consider bringing fertilizer to your plants, favoring green solutions: natural fertilizers sold in garden centers, but also coffee grounds, vegetable cooking water cooled ... Think also regularly remove faded flowers and leaves.

With such good care, you can keep your cyclamen years. After flowering in April, forget about it in a shady corner of the garden. Repot the plant in September and he will leave for another winter!

M.-C. H.

Image Credit: Truffaut