Trone apprci for foliage

Privet is a beautiful shrub, often used as a hedge for its beautiful foliage and discreet flowering.

Planting, size and’maintenance are all gestures that allow you to ensure good growth.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Ligustrum
Family : Oleaceae
Type : Shrub

: 1-3 m
Exposure : Sunny and part shade
Ground : Ordinary

: Semi-evergreen
Flowering : May-June

Plantation privet:

It is recommended to plant l’autumn, but you can plant spring without too much concern.

  • For planting in the spring, provide more frequent watering in the early
  • In hedge, observe a spacing of 80 cm between each plant.
  • Prefer well-drained soil and follow our planting tips.

Multiplication and cuttings of privet:

Privet is a shrub that multiplies easily by cuttings of branches.

Cuttings of privet takes place at the end of’summer on the semi-ripened wood c’ie n’have not yet hardened, but not browned being hardening phase.

  • Collect twigs about 15 cm.
  • Remove the lower leaves so as to keep that’2 or a pair (s) of sheets.
  • Plant the cuttings in special soil cuttings or a mixture of peat and river sand.
  • Maintain moist substrate.

Before’winter and the first frost,

  • Protect your cuttings with a tunnel, a greenhouse or other means to keep them at a temperature between 5 and 10 °

In spring,

  • After all risk of frost in mid-May, transplant into higher size bucket.
  • The open ground planting ‘that will take place’to’autumn

Pruning and maintenance privet:

Very often used for hedges compositions, privet shrub is easy to’maintenance.

Privet is not afraid size, in spring and’autumn, made according to your desires above all s’he s’is d’a hedge.

  • By pruning in spring, rising sap, you will give more strength to your privet that will grow faster.
  • By cutting at’fall, descending sap, growth will be slower and you will have a beautiful silhouette before’winter.
  • The more you often taillerez and no long it will keep its leaves during’winter.
  • Tips on how to prune shrubs

Watering privet:

Although privet is durable and requires little’watering, it will still pay attention to the high temperatures and summer droughts.

  • A Mulching at the foot of privet keeps the’soil moisture longer.
  • The privet pot needs’be watered when the soil is dry on the surface because the water needs are more important.

Namely the privet:

Trone apprci for foliageStaple of most parks and gardens, privet is mostly very used to make hedges or windbreaks.
Then we prefer persistent species that offer everything opacity throughout the’year.

Insulated, you l’also appreciate for its flowering and the beauty of its small leaves in’shiny.

L’Watering can be exercised when hot weather.
Attention to the shortage of’water on our planet, consume it in moderation and preferably in the evening to avoid’evaporation.

Malignant Council on privet:

Be careful not to eat the berries that’it occurs because they are toxic.

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