Treatment dotiorhynque larva

This little larva or to white, also called weevil, installs its nest in the roots of flowers, ornamental plants or vegetables.

Although n’is not considered a threatening attack for the life of the plant, an assault by a large population and for a long time can become dangerous.

How is characterized the presence of the larvae in the plant?

Small insects like white grubs, are housed at the roots to feed on fine roots and crown.

They will thus gradually digging d’narrow galleries, to destroy the root system and limit its development by weakening the plant.

How to fight against these grubs?

He n’really is no treatment for the fight larvae’vine weevil.

Some, however, recommended to spray treatment normally intended Fly vegetables.

More difficult to find, but have proven somewhat effective, the presence of nematodes may participate in’Elimination of this insect.
A n’use it for growing in pots because it is a parasite for many of’hosts in your garden.

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