Soil and utility criteria of choice

The soil is a culture medium that participates in the growth of the plant, its roots and the proper assimilation of nutrients it needs.

There are many soils and among them many quality changes, how to even clearer?

All plants do not have the same agronomic characteristics and therefore have different requirements in terms of culture support.

Soil composition:

If the term encompasses soil Many recipes and therefore different grades of substrates, there is generally some essential materials in the composition of the soil.

  • There are brown peat, peat, the compost of different plant materials, perlite for potting sowing and cuttings or the Black Earth Briere.
  • The compositions vary’one producer to’other and thus naturally not all are of the same quality.
  • Aujourd’hui, peat is difficult renewable, new materials have emerged as’Hortifibre or Terre Noire de Brière.
    They have characteristics similar to that of the peat while having almost inexhaustible resources.
    In the’using, so you will participate in the Protection’environment.

The advantages of the soil for planting:

Soil and utility criteria of choiceWhile most plants can grow without soil, give them a quality substrate allows them revenge grow and develop in optimal conditions and thus give the best’themselves.

Thanks to its nutritional value, the soil provides the nutrientss which the plant needs.

Compost of different plant materials such as’bark or manure present in the soil is also true stimulator for the plant.

  • Producers often add the’organic fertilizer in the mixture to increase and prolong this characteristic.
  • His water retention helps maintain a good level of’soil moisture. This promotes the’supply of minerals essential to good plant growth.
  • Finally, the soil allows better aeration to the roots and therefore promotes’anchor and breathing of the root system.

What soil choose: Universal, geranium, orchids, etc ...

There are many types of soil to the point that’it is sometimes difficult to s’to recognize the aisles garden centers, nurseries or supermarkets.

  • Indeed, if all the soils have particular characteristics, marketing phenomenon wanted that each plant has its soil.
  • We can consider that the differences made by each product are not sufficient to justify many references.
  • But large plant families have still interested in receiving a suitable soil.
    Found primarily heather plants, flowering plants and geraniums, Planting trees, shrubs and roses, bonsai, house plants’inside, Mediterranean plants, etc ...

Composition and use of universal soil:

Unfortunately, Universal soil has limited use.

Universal soils are often largely composed of composted material as pine bark.

They are therefore ideal for planting’trees and’shrubs, but not at all in potting flowering plants or ericaceous plants. The latter will require the heathland.

Trust given to different soils:

Generally, the characteristics of the soil are good.

Universal soils and planting generally suitable for planting’trees and’shrub, flowering plants, roses, but the Repotting or certain plants like bonsai, cacti and orchids need special soil.

There aujourd’hui many variations of soils, Mediterranean plants, olive, palm, vegetable patch, etc ... all do not show significant differences but instead they will always have a rather positive interest for your plants.

Best time to use potting soil:

The period’Use potting soil naturally depends on plants and their needs. Depending on the flowering period and / or dormant, it is good to know when to use the soil for better assimilation.

  • We use potting soil when repot of your plants’interior and’outdoors in pots or tubs.
  • When you make your seedlings or your Cuttings flowers or vegetables
  • A planting of n’any plant in your garden.
    - Planting trees and shrubs
    - Planting ericaceous plants
    - Planting roses
  • Finally, the ground is also used for topdressing your plants or lawn.
    C’is a very good way’maintain your plants or your lawn.