Composting quest is that this is

Top dressing is to apply directly to your lawn a layer of 1/2 to 1 cm of soil in order to give it the complement of organic materials necessary for its proper development.

You can also use a compost whose’fertilising bring all the requirements needed for your lawn for a year.

Topdressing, technical and principle

Composting allows proper maintenance of plants and grass and also avoid the’contribution of’fertilizers too frequent.

  • This allows the soil to s’expand organically.
  • It also allows’aerate the soil that tends to s’weighing over the years.
  • Top dressing improves soil structure.
  • A better structured soil will promote water retention and fertilizing.
  • L’contribution of compost or compost will allow the sol’be more porous and thus promote gas exchange necessary for proper root development.

Malignant Council

A dressing is an excellent way of’maintain its ecologically lawn.

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