Soil or compost what difference

While both products are often confused, they correspond to the uses and very different results.

The loam means a loan to plant growing medium. The soil is a complex mixture of various organic and inorganic materials specific to each type of plant. Traditionally found in the soil of renewable raw materials such as wood fiber Hortifibre, composted bark, clay, compost or soil, sand and non-renewable as peat.

Each has its role to play in providing the optimal conditions for the growth of the plant. They will help aerate the soil for the roots to grow easily, retain and redistribute water to transport nutrients ...

Differences in soil and compost

The proportions of raw materials or nature may change depending on the type of work in the garden (planting, tray plants, vegetable garden ...) or type of plant (orchids, cacatée ...). The potting Earth Nature also include 100% organic fertilizer.

Compost meanwhile is the result of recycling and decomposition of organic matter. Usually a very dark color, its main role is to enrich the soil or potting soil microorganisms, minerals and humus. Used for 2 or 3 years, it can restructure and revitalize soil life and thus promote plant growth.

In summary, the soil is a complex mixture for your plants. As for compost (or amendment), it acts primarily on the quality of your soil ..

Compost Soil + = perfect combination for beautiful plants.