Tamaya Begonia maculata

Tamaya, also known as Begonia Begonia or stained bamboo is a beautiful plant to’interior that offers a generous flowering.

Easy and robust, c’is a very decorative plant.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Begonia maculata
Family : Begonias
Type : Vivace up to 10 °

Flowering : May to October

: 20 to 40 cm
Exposure : Sunlight in partial shade.
Ground : Rather rich, well drained

Planting and potting begonia :

Tamaya® indoor:

When planting or potting, ideally using a potting soil for flowering plants or a mixture of leaves and soil.

  • Repotting every 3 years or strengthens the Tamaya®
  • Avoid situations too brulantes behind a south window
  • Choose a bright place, not too close to’a radiator
  • The ideal temperature for Tamaya is around 20 °

Tamaya®  outdoors:

Tamaya can not live outside that’in tropical or subtropical climate because it fears the cold’winter. So it should have temperatures above 15 ° throughout’year.

You can however get your Tamaya® on your deck or balcony when temperatures are above 18 °, day or night.

  • Avoid situations too brulantes
  • Prefer partial shade outdoors
  • Do not move your Tamaya® too often

Propagation by cuttings of Tamaya:

Tamaya is propagated by cuttings. This s’often generally carried out in the heart of’winter when flowering is the lowest.

But rooting period may vary focntion culture conditions, the rule being of’wait until the plant is in a period of rest.

  • Cut a non flowering branch just after bud
  • Remove the lower leaves
  • Put the cutting in the’water till’in that’appear fine roots
  • Then plant the dhow Tamaya in a good soil
  • Drizzle order to keep the soil slightly moist but do not overwater, however,

Pruning and maintenance of Tamaya:

L’Maintenance is relatively easy and requires only very little care.

  • Remove faded flowers to As.
  • This will stimulate’emergence of new flowers.
  • Cut the Tamaya regularly® to keep it a nice compact shape

Watering and supply of’fertilizer Tamaya® :

The Tamaya deserves’be watered when the soil is dry on the surface.

A 2 waterings per week is usually sufficient to provide the necessary water requirements.

  • Bring regularly of’fertilizer for flowering plants your Tamaya. Is the frequency of’once a month’April-September

Namely on Tamayas :

This beautiful plant native’Central and South America (Mexico) has many species with different shapes and colors.

C’is a plant that is both robust and easy’ maintenance part of the same family as the Begonias.

Tamaya blooms several times a’year and offers whenever delicate pale pink flowers with carmine red depending on variety and growing conditions.

Note also the magnificent evergreen changing between bright green and emerald green and that plume silver dots to offer the eyes a beautiful decorative effect.

Malignant Council on the Tamaya:

Tamaya may have a lifetime of several tens of’years but tends to thin and bloom less.

To avoid this, it is necessary to prune regularly and fertilize the soil with the’fertilizer.