Pruning roses swab and bushy

Here are tips on how to prune your rose stems and your rose bushes.

At the end of the size, you can protect the main wounds with a healing product sold in garden centers.

Rose bush, shrub or stem, when to prune?

There are periods in the 2’year

  • L’fall to a slight size that is rather to remove the dead wood and the lowest branches.
  • Spring for permanent and severe pruning, usually in March.
    Follow the size of the tips below:

Pruning roses swab and rose bushes:

  1. When pruning, the goal is to cut short while preserving the main branches.
  2. It is important to reduce woody growth to encourage young shoots.
  3. The size is then to keep it as close to the grafting point eyes that emit carriers flower stems.
  4. You cut around the 4th and look outside.
  5. Also cut twigs and dead branches and the older stems.

Smart board about the size of roses bud:

Do not be afraid to cut frankly, the rose will be even stronger.

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