Pruning advice

The pruning is an important step that determines the proper fruiting.

It n’is not complicated, but some rules s’needed to produce beautiful grapes.

N’not be afraid to get started because no size n’is bad and your experience will help you perfectly control the size of the vine

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When to prune the vine?

Vines are pruned to 2 times the end of’winter after heavy frosts in summer during fruiting.

We also want to put l’fertilizer for fruit, the guarantee’a abundant harvest.

  1. Size’winter
    The vine is when the dormant and the sap is down.
    The ideal time is from February to March, avoiding periods of frost
  2. Spring pruning in cold regions
    In colder areas where heavy frosts can still occur in March, you can expect the very early spring to prune but c’is the last time
  3. Size’summer
    He s’is d’asize fruiting, it n’is not mandatory.
    It is to limit the number of clusters to 5 maximum per branch and cut to the shorter the branches that n’not.
    You can also remove all small clusters because their performance will be.

General principle of size’Winter:

The size of the vine depends on the selection of buds that’also called eye.
Some do not give grapes while d’others will fertile.

  • The most fertile buds:
    These are the ones that appear on the timber’one year (one who pushed the’previous year)
  • Buds that will give nothing:
    The buds that grow in’armpit old wood (the one more’a year) or’already cut a twig.

Base size for beautiful clusters on your vine

  1. Dispose of’First the deadwood
  2. Then remove the stems that grow to base of old wood
  3. It should focus on the following rods that pushed during’past year
    - Cut these rods leaving at least three buds (eyes) per stem.
    - It is they who will be most fertile and that will give the grapes.
    - If you cut the entire stem you n’will not grapes.
  4. Over the years, you will make sure remove the old wood to make room for new growth
    - C’is’experience that ended up talking ...
    - We must renew the vine over the years by removing the oldest wooden and letting new shoots take the’magnitude
    - It is they who will become the most important and one day will in turn deleted.
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Tips to shape your vine

  • The size of training:

It is important and is to keep only two rods for the development of the seedling.
You will have the development of two strong shoots rather than’many small shoots.

Then, there are several types of size, the base of each of’it is the same:

  1. Limit’lengthening of the stem by promoting the growth of two rods you selected.
  2. Limit the number of’eyes to the description mentioned below.
  • The cup size: 3-5 arms (stems) main terminated courson 3 or 4 eyes.
    Pruning advice
  • The size cord: 1 or 2 horizontal arms each having 3 or 4 spurs with 2 eyes.
    Pruning advice
  • Guyot size: 1 or 2 slat plus one or two courson 2 eyes
    Pruning advice

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N’Remember, for more tips on pruning, n’Feel free to ask your questions on the FORUM, specialists meet you.