Size of apple and pear

L’Winter is the season for the size of pome fruit such as pear or apple tree.

If carve n’is not essential, it nonetheless can promote the growth of’fruiting tree and fruit trees.

You will never make big mistakes if you follow these tips for pruning apple and pear.
He s’These basic tips that improve your harvest and ensure the proper development of’shaft.

If you are new, go there gradually you will find that your experience will be a great asset quickly for you and your fruit trees.

Tools for the size of apple and pear:

If good secateurs and breaker branch may be sufficient, here is the complete list of tools you can use.

  • A secateurs for small branches.
  • A cut branch for large branches.
    Avoid climbing to’scale for large trees. You can do this using a lopper model fitted’a telescopic pole.
  • A curve Saw for larger diameter branches which allows sawing pulling towards oneself.
  • Eventually, the mastic healing for large branches.

1 - Pruning, the’year of planting:

She s’absolutely done frost period.
A good size to be clear, precise and always diagonally to prevent the’water s’infiltrates the cut wood.

  • L’objective is form the backbone s’shaft.
  • Delete branches which cross keeping only the main and most vigorous.
    This forms the silhouette of’shaft.
  • Cut above d’a look (A bud) facing the’Outside, about 60 cm from the trunk.
    This will encourage the development of your fruit.
  • Once completed, the size will actively participate in good development your tree.

2 - Regular pruning apple and pear trees:

The size of fruiting is the same for pears and apples. She s’performs every year to’autumn and at the end of’winter, just before the resumption of vegetation.


  • Start not remove dead branches, those s’intersect and damaged wood.
  • Remove old fruit that could remain on the branches especially those affected by moniliasis.
  • Read more on the size of fruiting.

At the end of’winter or early spring:

After’have cleaned, it must Fruit thinning.

  • Remove any branches growing toward’inside the shaft.
    It has no utility and can affect fruiting.
  • Finally make a size of the main branches going around the tree.
    You cut the branches of the’previous year above the 2nd or 3rd bud.
  • Prune always above d’a bud turned towards’exterior not to focus on pushing inward.

Smart board about the size of apple and pear:

Once this work done, you will apply a mastic healing on larger branches pruned.
This is not essential but is highly recommended!

Watch the video of’Hubert gardener on pruning fruit:

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