Size hydrangeas, you need to know

L’Hydrangea is a beautiful flowering shrub whose size allows’improve flowering and good health of the plant.

Carve a hydrangea is an easy gesture to perform but are nevertheless some rules to abide to put the odds in your favor!

Follow our tips for beautiful hydrangeas d’year on year’other:

When to prune hydrangeas?

Two periods are important to the size of hydrangeas, the’fall and the end of the’winter.

  • Upon’autumn,
    You can start by removing dead wood and dead flowers.
    Indeed, at the end of flowering, it is no need to keep the spent flowers but it is too early to cut frankly the’hydrangea.
    L’Winter can be cold and if you cut too much before your hydrangea’winter, he could suffer periods of frost.
    Be content so you refresh your hydrangeas removing faded flowers to their base
  • At the end of’winter,
    Ideally in the last 2 weeks February or the first 2 weeks of weeks March.
    You will perform a larger as done in’autumn, this will allow for’improve flowering.
  • With respect to l’climbing hydrangea, no size n’is necessary.

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What are the rods that will give flowers on’Hydrangea?

The flowers grow on stems that pushed the’previous year.
This means that if you cut all that has pushed the’Last year, no flower n’appear.

On the flip’Hydrangea when’he took too much volume, but that’we avoid the risk of having to wait a year to see it bloom.

How to prune hydrangeas to improve flowering?

The flowers grow on the wood of the’previous year, so it is important not to cut it.

  • If you prune your shrub more than 30 cm, you may not to have flowers.
  • Prune just above the first pair of buds from the top.
    It comes from the’end of the arm up and down’the first pair of bud. Cut about 1 or 2 cm above
  • Remove deadwood and some stems that you feel weak
  • Remove the 2 or 3 older branches in the foot.
    On cue, because they are much larger than the others and often very brittle.
  • Ventilate the center s’shrub to let the maximum light.
  • Repeat this’operation annually.

To have a spectacular flowering, it is also possible to set l’fertilizer for hydrangeas.

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What happens if I do not cut my hydrangeas?

Actually say, not much. Flowering n’be even more plentiful but the flowers will be less beautiful and imposing.

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