Size of technical shrubs period

Size shrubs has an important role in the development, flowering or just the’balance your subject.

Far’be difficult, it even becomes a pleasure for you as you begin to master a few simple steps and necessary for its implementation.

Real makeover for plants, the size is always beneficial and allows them to push in a magnificent way.
There are 2 categories of’shrubs and deciduous persistent

When pruning the shrubs?

Depending on the type of’shrub, it can s’done 3 times in’year:

  • End of’winter
  • Early’summer
  • Autumn

Spring flowering shrubs do not prune at the end of the’winter but at the end of flowering and therefore often at the beginning of’summer.

Size deciduous shrubs
(Which lose their leaves):

  1. Spring flowering shrubs
    One size at the end of flowering, when the flowers fade.
  2. Summer flowering shrubs :
    We start with a small size at the end of’winter
    Also remove dead branches or froze during’hiverApr├Ęs flowering rebalance the general form of’shrub and ventilate the middle to give maximum light.
  3. For’all except those shrubs that bloom the’winter
    At’fall, make a slight size, rather aesthetics.
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Size evergreen shrubs
(Which do not lose their leaves):

  1. At the end of’winter, in March, we first give it its shape.
    This step will be’s even more important’he s’is d’a first size haie.Cette is one that can be more severe.
  2. At the beginning of’summer, it will be necessary to refresh your subject by rebalancing its shape and including removing branches whose length would be disproportionate or unsightly.
  3. At’autumn, light way of avoiding silhouette on rebalancing to prune larger branches.
    Too severe to size’Fall may weaken the’shrub before frost.

The size of the shrub is very easy.
Your plant will walk away with even more vigor and each subject is unique, your experience will help you fully master these gestures.

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