Hedge trimming, the best period

When trimming the hedge, what is the best time and what is the proper technique?

Common to define a property or simply to create different spaces in a garden, the hedge generally requires little’maintenance, if not cut 1-2 times a year.

Follow our tips for beautiful hedge throughout the’year.

Best time to prune a hedge:

The hedge consists of’shrubs whose growth s’active 2 times in’year in spring and end of’summer.

You will wait for the end of these two growth periods to cut, you will maintain as long as possible the shape and size that you gave them.

  • So in taillerez April-May and September to October.

But beware, nothing forces you to scrupulously respect these times, because the hurdles can be cut more regularly, will claim that this is just’a little more work.

As regards the flowering hedges, wait end of flowering before cutting.

Technique for size’a hedge

  • We need the base is wider the summit.
    This gives the light at’all shrubs that make up the hedge.
  • Use electrical or thermal hedge trimmer for hedges of more than 5 m, it brings more precisely and especially more comfortable size.

Shrubs adapted to the creation of’a hedge:

Arbutus, privet, WEIGELA, cypress, camellia, Photinia, currant flowers...

  • You can also put you in green whole’year and create persistent hedge.
  • Foster flowering shrubs and create a hedge that blooms with the seasons.
  • Attract birds using berry bushes.
  • Learn how to create a free hedge, best defense against diseases and pests.

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