Remove the foam on his lawn

L’appearance of foam on a grass or a lawn is often linked to simple and easy to identify causes.

Before’use an anti-foam, several factors such as mowing, scarification, the’exposure,’watering the’aeration, topdressing or soil fertilization can occur.

How to remove the foam?

  • C’is encouraging the growth of the lawn at the expense of the foam that’we obtain the best results in the fight against the foam.
  • Lawn or turf need sunlight.
    It is then important to cut the branches of trees that are too much’shade and prevent the proper development of the grass.
  • Finally, observe the basic rules below and become the first anti-foam your garden!

Mow the lawn regularly:

  • It must s’performing at least once a week in the spring and every 15 days the’summer.
  • Do not mow below 3-4 cm.
    In addition, you prevent the proper development of your grass and promote the’appearance of the foam.

Fertilize the lawn:

  • The more your grass is shorter and it needs’nutrients to grow.
  • So, choose a slow-release fertilizer you √©panderez in spring and’fall.
  • This action helps to stimulate the development of your lawn at the expense of the foam.

Aerate the lawn bulwark against the foam:

  • A foam-free lawn is primarily a well aerated turf!
  • For this there are suitable devices with spikes or special shoes for small areas. this operation s’carried throughout the’year.

Scarify the lawn removes moss:

  • It allows’remove surface and therefore less vigorous roots because they tend to form a surface layer that maintains the’moisture and facilitates the development of the foam.
  • Find our tips well scarify the lawn, this can s’perform one or more times in’year.

Antifoam control products:

  • Finally, there are very effective treatment products that will prevent the’appearance of the foam.

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